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    Cocktail attire

    Sometimes it is hard to read the detail in two words. The host messed up here, in that they should have been more clear. In this case, it sounds like they meant "bar clothes, but with some formality". Bar clothes meaning clothes that if another friend accidentally knocked their drink into your...
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    Irrational likes and dislikes

    Those sound mostly like rational dislikes. :) For me, irrational dislikes are usually based on people. If someone in my past made an unusually large negative impression, it will bleed over into the clothes they wear. It is irrational because while clothes show affiliation, there are multiple...
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    Do casual chinos even go with sneakers?

    Speaking of pictures, here is one from 1977: (Men's Club #195, courtesy of Heavy Tweed Jacket)
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    Do casual chinos even go with sneakers?

    To me, they seem like a more casual version of wearing jeans with a sportcoat, in that they give the impression that wearing them is a novelty rather than something the wearer is used to doing. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the impression trying to be made. Canvas deck shoes are...
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    40s/50s-style quarter-length sleeve T-shirts?

    If you haven't asked already, I would suggest asking the folks down at the Fedora Lounge, as they love not only Fedoras, but 1930s/40s style in general, often to the finest details. Trad folks appreciate WWII and 50s items, but tend to be a bit more forgiving. A black made-in-Malaysia non-iron...
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    A supply chain tale

    Manufacturing being strained during COVID might be surprising, but with a bit of thought I think most people can understand why there could be difficulties. Hopefully they will be able to effectively adjust. The things we enjoy are made by particular people after all, so it is important to allow...
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    WSJ on Nantucket Reds

    The illustrations are very interesting! A group wearing faded Nantucket Reds with loafers, short untucked shirts, and blue blazers. Untucked shirts are fine, but normally they have a flat hem. People wear a lot of things on boats, but usually the concession is a boat-sole. I'm guessing for the...
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    Irish walking hats - how casual?

    Irish walking hats are more formal than they used to be -- this is the natural progression with age. If you are older, this cancels out, as generally younger people expect those older than them to dress more formally. I would put them slightly above a flat cap in formality level.
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    Thoughts on Swatch?

    There was a thread on them 15 years ago in the other forum, but it didn't get much traction. To me, they seem like de-militarized versions of the disposable field watch. So they are made of plastic, repairs other than replacing the battery are a hassle, and they are fairly inexpensive (but...
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    Evolution of "Trad"

    Maybe a vintage Brooks tracksuit? :) (1984) As for environmental concerns, there are many ways to approach it. Some folks are not so keen on synthetics due to the microplastics issues, while others are supportive for the issues mentioned.
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    Going Watchless - The benefits of NOT wearing a watch

    If anything, I think this will inspire temptation to consider pocket-watches, as that is essentially what reaching into your pocket to check the time has normalized. I don't wear a watch if I will be doing something in front of a keyboard, as I find that it does not help my wrists. If I am out...
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    J. Press pop up store in Boston

    Suits are a hard sell because when they are well made they last forever, so there is no incentive other than vanity to buy more than a few. Someone needs to buy at full retail, though, or there will be no way to replenish the thrift stores with classic items 20 years from now. :)
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    Thoughts on Clothes and Quality

    I think location matters more than the author believes, but I can see the difficulty, as it collapses the number of choices down regardless of style. Clothes are made by people, even our egalitarian off-the-rack Trad style, industrialized through the power of machinery. The difference is just...
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    Brooks Brothers face masks. Which are better?

    After a few months of use, I'm firmly in the rounded-corner camp. They do run a bit large (I think they were originally meant for putting over an N95 mask), but they can be pinned without much trouble. Plain white seems to have been the right choice as well, as once the novelty of masks wear...
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    Does anyone still use a leather hard briefcase?

    I have one, but I don't normally carry around things which can be bent, squished, shattered, or crumpled, other than maybe my lunch, so the advantage of hard sides is not so great. :) For carrying miscellaneous junk, an old Square Rigger is a very convenient choice, as has been mentioned. The...