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    polo shirt with a high collar?

    ... here there are
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    polo shirt with a high collar?

    Those polos Lino wears - Kent Wang makes them now and Gianni Agnelli wore them too in the 60's !!! Finnamore makes them too. it's an italian thing, me thinks Andrey
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    sartorialist photo

    this probably isn't the thread to discuss Lino Ieluzzi and Al Bazar in general, but as i know the man personally and can buy absolutely everything in his shop in Milan (apart from these contrast cap monks :), i can say he is very passionate and good at what he does. he has his own style and...
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    Visiting Hong Kong in September - interested in a moderately priced tailor for suits

    i order suits from Prince International to Moscow (can look up on the Web). Not bad - to Moscow its USD 800 for a 120-130's. Shirts are 100 usd and 130 for sea island cotton. Quality is fine. Working button holes, colored lining, side tabs , hand finishing. But you have to watch these guys -...
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    Prince William's Suits

    he wears Turnbull & Asser (,,20395222_20448202,00.html ). His brother too. for a cheaper version, go to Roderick Charles. Andrey
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    New USA TV Series "SUITS" - The AAAC verdict...

    nice series ... the suits indeed look very Tom Ford. A bit like Quantum of Solace for Craig. I am not sure its Purple Lable. Good idea with the ticket pocket. I like "ordinary" lapels, though. An you have to notice that Harvey wears one suit a film (usually). Shirts are a bit bomring...
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    Wall Street 2 Satorial Previews

    Douglas has great English suits and shirts from T&A made in the second part of the movie
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    A New 'Wall Street' Power Look - ...

    the louder - English fashion for the second part of the movie is lovely. Shea is wearing the standard white shirt/Hermes tie and Gucci loafers set. Everybody has great watches - IWC did a product placement i think :) as well as Jaeger/Rolex etc.
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    the Decent Cigar Emporium - on Grafton street 46 - is the BEST cigar shop in the world. Good coffee too and some old cigar label cufflinks too :) Andrey
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    Blue shoes and England's elite

    never ... seen anybody high up in the UK wear a pair of blue shoes. Oxfords or loafers - slip ons - black. I have a pair of dark navy Gucci loafers though, very nice. But they are becoming darker and darker with age and polish. Andrey
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    What Crombie coat from the current range emulates the '60's 'Mod' look?

    i think ... the olive slim fit with a ticket pocket is more interesting . if you look at modern British gangster films - G.Ritchie etc. - olives are seen throughout. Andrey p.s. and check out Gangster No.1 - i think they had interesting coats on too
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    grooming How to make lather

    Guys, i got a badger brush as a Christmas present, stopped shaving to grow a bigger beard (i was also away hunting so it helped :)) ) and am looking for a nice razor to try it out :)) The only question i have is how to make lather ? i have an English shaving soap "cookie" in a tin box and...
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    White dinner jacket/Tuxedo

    one should def. wear velvet slippers and no socks with a white tux )) A
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    Style for a private equity banker

    i have just watched the Barbarians at the Gate movie - loved the clothing ))) I used to think Wall Street was good for costumes but no - Barbarians rules !!! Also Allan F . doing the wardrobe . the thing is, though, every newspaper now has tailors saying the banker look is dead. But...
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    Jeans and Shoes

    something ... wildly colored - Paul Smith or Polo would work niely too. Andrey