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    It's TWEED Season!

    In any case, I would pass jeans with single-strap monks.
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    Brooks Brothers officially files for bankruptcy. What changes would you like/accept?

    Really a sad piece of news. May be a sign that trying to go against the fast -and hype- fashion trend leads you to Chapter 11 outcome. Which in turn leads to more "prada" and less "church" on the shelves.
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    winners-picked Men's Socks Giveaway Contest! 6 Prizes - Enter Here!

    Great news and thank AAAC and The Diabetic Sock Club
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    winners-picked Men's Socks Giveaway Contest! 6 Prizes - Enter Here!

    I'd probably choose Men's Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks Assorted, or a pack of grey.
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    Quality of these Stemar shoes on Herrings

    Stemar is Moreschi's top line. I do not own any, only usual Moreschi, but I have tried on quite a few, And I suppose all of their shoes are Blake construction apart from maybe a few Bologna (but I am not sure), and a few Norvegese boot models. With regard to quality, I'm quite satisfied with...
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    Can a Sneaker Be Dressy?

    I'm wearing sneakers (or sneakers-style boots) mayby 50-60% of time, but never with anything more formal than jeans. I would also avoid wearyng them with a coat or raincoat, it looks odd to me. Whte soles? Well maybe with shorts in the summer, or cargo pants. Otherwise, no.
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    Can a Sneaker Be Dressy?

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    Dress Trouser Length - too short?

    I would also prefer about 0.5 inch longer.
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    Unworn Alfred Sargent Exclusive Moore Adelaide in Cherry & Hunt Mahogany Calf

    Hello, @AJE . Is it US or UK size indicated?
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    winners-picked Win MVST Select Premium Aluminum Luggage!! ENTER CONTEST HERE!

    I like the TREK Aluminum Suitcase Gunmetal carry-on. Not sure if I am eligible for the contest, though, the last one I participated started before New Year, but ended in the end of April (Prizes delivered)
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    Burberry shirts

    I've been working hard for my FOLs. Hanes should be my next stop :amazing:
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    HSM advertising poorly fitted jacket?

    HSM seemed to be among those who should bother for display - they are not cheap 100$ poly suits, that's where they alledgedly make their profits.
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    Forum Platform Upgrade Planned

    I suppose stretched sweater with deer, jeans and red eyes would be the perfect fit :)
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    HSM advertising poorly fitted jacket?

    I suppose it is about a full watch band width short. Given that it is a PR photo standing calm and posing. In motion it would not just show SOME cuff, it may show the WHOLE cuff. Unless, of course, it is too tight to slide along the shirt when you wave your hand :)