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  • Hi Mack

    Another member suggested I contact you about selling 17 Hickey Freeman suits for me on consignment.

    The first 5 were purchased by me around September 2010 and were $1,500 each. All are 44 S Madisons. I am selling them because I am on the way to losing 45 lbs (25 so far!) and this is my version of the vikings burning their boats at the shoreline so there is no going back. Looking to go back to the Oxxfords I used to enjoy so much.

    The other 12 are 42 R Boardrooms and were my Dad's. He passed away in 2002 and these were purchased by him between 1998 and 2001.

    Can you give me any sense of what these would sell for and if you would be interested. I am located in Princeton, NJ and Washington, DC

    Steve Goldin
    Always great to see you. We have to find more time for conversation next time. Thanks for the Malkovich link - maybe we can get him to join the Forum!!

    And I really appreciate your knowledgeable information on Broadway shows. Did I mention my wife and I went to the Monkey Bar our first night in town?

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