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    January sales in London

    Seeing GBP hitting new lows against the Euro, I'm feeling very tempted to take a weekend trip to London in January to hit several sales. Does anybody know the January sales dates for the key players on Jermyn Street/Savile Row? Or perhaps a thread with such information already exists on this...
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    NYC's Best Consignment/Thrift Shops

    +1 for Gentleman's Resale
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    Beginnings of my shoe collection

    I finally got around to putting all my shoes together, polishing them up nicely, and taking a few pics. I wear 10.5B, which explains the dominance of AE in the collection. Next purchase will be a pair of monk's, and probably a pair of bespoke black caps. Since I'm also done with school and...
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    Three pairs (simple black plastic, frameless with silver titanium temples, and all titanium in navy), and a pair of Persols for the sun.
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    Morning dress grey waistcoat - where to get?

    Thank you, gentlemen. It's good to know of these options, and as there's still two months until the event (an Ivy League graduation ceremony where I'm to receive a PhD degree), I'll take time to come up with a solution, and will post pictures when the entire outfit is assembled.
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    Morning dress grey waistcoat - where to get?

    I've been looking for a formal DB grey waistcoat for a few months. The only place I know of that has it is Pakeman Catto and Carter, but their price is a bit steep (99 GBP, over $200) for something I will wear so infrequently. Here's the one they have, and it's absolutely lovely, though I...
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    NYT Mag: Men's Fashion Spring 2008

    Well, I for one liked one of the Lacoste runway looks - the one with a gent wearing a white cap, a striped vest, white pants, and what online looks like a burgundy tie.
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    Contrast Collar Shirts

    +1. The shirt Prince Charles is wearing is absolutely smashing.
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    Looking for a new wallet

    +1 for Aspinal. Fantastic craftsmanship. Mine has light beige interior with red suede lining.
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    First post/Wardrobe in Wes Anderson Films

    There was a thread recently on wearing black shirts. I think the character in the middle (played by Jason Schwartzman) is doing it just right - very nice combination.
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    Driving sunglasses thoughts?

    Another vote for Persol I picked a pair of Persol glasses (model 2761-s) and test-drove them today in the sun. Not only were they by far the nicest looking glasses I tried (other contenders were Revo and Ray Bans), which was quickly confirmed by a female eye, but it was also a pleasure to drive...
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    UEFA Euro 2008 Athletic Fashion

    +1. Big upgrade on the France designs -- their World Cup jerseys were truly hideous.
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    Great Closeouts at AE Shoebank

    Just ordered three pairs (Dryden in mocha, Byron in chili, Niles in black), all size 10.5 B, $129 each. Josh, thank you for beng very helpful and informative.
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    FYI sale at Ralph Lauren

    Went to the Philadelphia Polo store earlier today. Decent collection of shirts on sale (no Purple Label, though), plus quite an assortment of ties: blue label at $28.50, black label at $41, and purple label at $65. Picked three nice blue label ties - solid skinny black, a gorgeous macclesfield...
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    FYI...Jack Purcells on Sale

    Thanks for the tip. Oddly enough, the shoes are on sale and yet won't ship until 04/11/2008 according to the website. ? What's the opinion on the fit-true-to-size factor of these? If I'm 10.5 with dress shoes, can I go 10 with the Purcells?