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  • Not at all (maybe 100 words). When attending meetings I will usually bring an interpreter if I am not sure of the participants' knowledge of English. Probably 90% of the people whom I work with do have a working knowledge of English.

    What I am able to do is speak very slowly and clearly with a simplified vocabulary. For instance, I was at a meeting (in New York) recently with the deputy head of the Russian Customs Service. He gave his talk in English, but when he took questions from the audience he used an interpreter (both to hear the question and to give the answer) EXCEPT when I asked. I brought an intern to the meeting and she was very surprised that he understood me well enough to listen to my question in English and to answer me directly in English.

    We do have bi-lingual speakers on staff, and my wife is Russian as well, so I can get the point across if needed in either language.

    That said, I would probably get further if I was able to converse in Russian.

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