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    grooming My Shaving Regimen

    I keep it simple. A can of Barbasol. Gillette Mach 3, and cold water as the aftershave. I learned to shave with a safety razor. I am not nostalgic about it. Men jumped for joy when Trac II came out because it pretty much ended all the bleeding from the morning shave with the so-called...
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    What to wear: giving a presentation at conference

    I do a lot of these. Based on what you have told me about the audience I would probably go with a collared pullover polo shirt of dark color (like navy) , some khaki pants and a casual shoe. Unless you are heavy set. If you are heavy set then I would wear a suit. Make sure the suit fits you...
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    manners Dressing for Travel

    I would put you in the insane category - but with qualifiers. If it's a short hop (Dallas to Houston) and I have a business meeting, then I am wearing the suit on the plane. For longer flights I will dress neatly, but not in a suit. Like you I believe proper dress is important, but I find...
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    manners Calling/Social Cards

    I had these as a young Army officer. Engraved. In the business world I just use my business card. I am however thinking of getting calling cards again. They would simply have my name on them and be used as a substitute for business cards at social events. Likely I would write my current...
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    manners ArtfulManliness

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    I suspect you really do. When is your transgender operation scheduled? Chop-chop!
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    grooming Hair Gel that won't attract insects?

    As usual Howard, you aren't answering the question.
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    Would that before or after they report to Planned Parenthood for castration <eyes-rolling>
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    grooming Hair Gel that won't attract insects?

    Every hair gel I have tried seems to attract insects. Anybody know of brand that doesn't. Thanks. M8
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    british You & your British made car

    I had a '79 Triumph Spitfire. Bought it new. What a piece of junk! I rejoiced the day I got rid of it.
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    The appeal of guns

    I enjoy my firearms.
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    Went over there to take a look and registered under a different pseudonym, made no posts. Seems like the place is run by women that have a very PC/feminist outlook towards men. Also appears that there is not a lot of activity, and what little there is tends to be from a younger crowd. I had...
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    Leather glove recommendations

    Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate all the recommendations.
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    Leather glove recommendations

    I'd like a recommendation(s) for leather gloves. I would like them to be brown, but black or very deep blue like the old calf-skins I used to see would be okay too. I need the leather skin to be thin and close to the fingers so that I can actually do things with my fingers while wearing the...
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    Help: Tips first visit to symphony tonight

    Good advice in this thread except for the "wear whatever you want" opinion. Fortunately sites like this are dedicated to raising the standards of dress, not lowering them. In addition to the advice rendered, feel free to mingle with other patrons during the pre/post and intermissions. You may...