1. maximar

    I saw ur post. I have a few 3b suits and sport coats, I can pass on. What's ur size?

    I saw ur post. I have a few 3b suits and sport coats, I can pass on. What's ur size?
  2. maximar

    Blucher Moc vs Camp Moc

    I always admired Blucher mocs for the look and support but I get the Camp bec of sheer lacing laziness. I have a both red brick and brown sole. I like the brown better bec the red doesn't look nice when dirty.
  3. maximar

    Club Collars?

    I don't know about "retro", this is the Trad forum :) I have a few from BB throughout the years and some custom from Natty
  4. maximar

    Best Replacement for Bills?

    Check out Jomers. Made in NYC. They are the makers for many top brands (which they refuse to disclose, of course) but by careful observation, you can actually put two and two together. You just need to join their mailing list cause they sell out the day they send out a notice of their re-stock...
  5. maximar

    What now without Bill's? Options?

    Anyone here heard of Jomers? They're made in NYC. The only problem is that their stock is sold out a few hours after they re-stock. Google and check reviews. I've been waiting for their duck cloth restock and herringbone myself. One review said that they are comparable to Hertling and suspects...
  6. maximar

    Is this dress shirt wayyy too baggy *PIC*

    Try the military tuck and you're fine. You will appreciate that extra space on the mid-section later in the day after dinner.
  7. maximar

    Hickey Freeman at Nieman last call and Saks off Fifth

    I bought one at Neiman M. Last Call. It was a HF Milburn model. It's not as good as my mainline HF (in fabric and construction) but it's way better than other brands in the -$400 price range. Ive seen HF Beacon model suits at some Nordstrom Racks for around that price. The Beacon has a...
  8. maximar

    Allen Edmonds Varno 2.0

    Even the one with Hamlet sole is on clearance. For $147, that's not bad at all. I guess I'm getting new winter shoes!
  9. maximar

    Alden Quality Inquiry

    I second Eagles observation. Split-reverse welt is just like that sometimes. But the leather does looks dry, hence the flakes. Call them for a return shipping label.
  10. maximar

    JAB Shoe Trees - 3 for $25 RIGHT NOW

    I placed an order and they're sold out on my size! You hoarders!!!
  11. maximar

    PSA: Brooks Friends and Family

    Thanks for the heads up. There goes my marriage again.
  12. maximar


  13. maximar

    Chomexcel vs calfskin for a penny loafer (Rancourt)

    They can send u swatches if you ask. I asked for try on shoes and swatches before I ordered.
  14. maximar

    pink, blue OCBDs wanted! (on a budget)

    What's your size?
  15. maximar

    Do Sacks work for shorter than average men

    I'm 5'8 and I have a few sack suits/SC from BB. Lately, I've been getting the Cambridge fit which is the slightly shapely version. I just sized up and the length of the regular length is perfect for me. The shoulders are awesome with very minimal padding. I was hesitant to get this fit before...