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  • How are you michael?
    Its Rene. Im from Brisbane. I saw your post about Jeans and thought that Levi is a good start. But unfortunately there is little available in Australia, particularly at a good price. There is a fellow over in style forum who sells Levi's reproductions of 1950 501s and they seemed to be competitively priced at around $50.00. I like dark denim too, particularly as it only gets lighter with wear and age. Another thing to look out for is selvedge denim which can be identified when turning up the cuffs of the jeans at looking at the hem, if it is neatly finished and has white and red stitching along the hem it is selvedge. Some manufacturers mimic this look by sewing along the edge with red stitching with a hemming machine. I would avoid these. Anyway I'll talk to you later

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