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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    I'll take whatever is offered. I don't fit in into any high risk groups since I am no longer I wait. The fact that we are in this situation burns my britches. My mother tells me of the entire town turning out to get the polio vaccine when she was a kid. She didn't remember anyone...
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    A Return to Formal and Semiformal wear

    Given the reluctance of non-profits to plan fund raising gatherings in the era of COVID, my tux is very lonely. Maybe 2022? Who knows..... Cheers, BSR
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    The Shirt/Bush Jacket.

    I would love to be involved in any effort to get W&G off the ground again! cheers, BSR
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    British country clothing (photos)...

    My new to me “uber vintage” Holland & Holland Norfolk jacket… is absolutely amazing. I paid a premium, but it was worth every penny!!!! Here it is juxtaposed with a photo of HRH…. Cheers, BSR
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    Harrington jacket on JPress for $395...seriously?

    My family bought me the Ben Silver Harrington for Father’s Day. I love it. As for made in China clothing, I prefer to keep my money as close to home as possible. It is worth a 10%-15% premium for me to help keep Americans working and sales and income taxes rolling into local governments for...
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    Given the current situation of bountiful supply, I could easy spend myself into the poorhouse and fill my house with bargains if I were so inclined. Hermès ties for $4, J Press Donegal tweed for $7… many is too many? I sell the excess on eBay, but buying, photographing, assessing...
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    Looks like Covid is flaring again….the window is closing on thrifting in peace….. The only way I am comfortable is to get there when the door opens and make a hasty exit before it gets busy. Im certainly not interested in cramming myself info a small closet with strangers at an estate sale...
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    The Gawd-I'm-Old Nostalgia Thread

    I picked this beauty up a few weeks ago for $2.99. I haven't started poking around in it yet, but it's all intact. For the kids, this is a 1951 version of the portable bluetooth speaker. Cheers, BSR
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    Spent the am thrifting yesterday. A lot of great finds..... The highlight was an assortment of J Press and Ben Silver repp ties with a BB and a Miller Brothers thrown in. Made in the UK, Ireland, and the US. Silk, some silk/cotton. Apparently, an Atlanta stock broker had liquidated his tie...
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    The Shirt/Bush Jacket.

    I would say the earlier the better, but in terms of prices, anything below $200 in great condition is a reasonable price. I have a mint condition maroon label W&G size 42 , made in the USA, right shoulder shooting patch version which is really too big for me now. It has the elastic waist, which...
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    Do we need a salad thread or maybe just a healthier eating thread?

    I am really excited to see this thread upon my return to the AAAC forums! My wife and I lost 160lbs between us and are health coaching. Frankly, finally taking the time to prioritize our health has been life changing. We have about 25 clients we currently support in their personal health...
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    The Shooting Thread

    On the range last Sunday....
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    Thrifting in 2021

    I am an avid thrifter, and since I semi-retired as of July 2, I have started a small reselling business. Here is the view from my front porch…. Atlanta is a thrift Mecca, in that I live within 7 miles of 5 large Goodwills and several smaller charity shops. Hunting ground is not an issue. These...
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    The Shirt/Bush Jacket.

    Oh, and this literally just arrived at my door, from original 1940s British Khaki Drill Bush jacket....its a 38 and it fits me, close, like a military jacket should. I could use another half inch in the arm hole...or lose another 10lbs..... Cheers, BSR
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    As there appears to be be a break in Covid at the moment, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to seriously pound the thrift markets. I have had a lot of finds which I usually flip if I can't use them....far too many too list but here are some labels.... Brooks Brothers Makers/Made in USA...