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    sales Stafford Harris Tweed jackets

    If the tags are removed, how do you know its harris tweed
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    sales brooks brothers "polo" shirt

    Medium and I can get exact measurements if you like.
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    sales brooks brothers "polo" shirt

    very clean, crisp and possibly NWOT. $35 shipped to CONUS
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    Thrift Store people?

    100% of my wardobe with the exception of a few ties and my kilt, was bought at a thrift store.
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    Tweed Jacket for Scotland Vacation?

    That is why when travelling In impersonal cities I try to use the local accent. In some places it is safer anyway.
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    Tweed Jacket for Scotland Vacation?

    Tweed is (or at least was a few years ago) a status symbol in britain because Of the old hunting jackets of the upper class being inherited by their children and grandchildren...
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    Something I've been struggling with -- The Suit without a Tie --

    It does give off the appearance of a middle class carefree (or maybe just careless) do-what-i-want-to type person
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    Alden Leather Discoloration

    You could try redyeing them and if that fails, strip them and dye them.
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    I wonder if 1dollar coins would fit. Then you do have your bus fare
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    Weird Estate sale

    Given the original tags on the items it suggests stolen, but they could have been bought en masse in a closeout etc...
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    Estate Sale Find: Vintage Florsheims

    I think a gentle soapy water surface cleaning would spruce them up!
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    The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

    I mostly listen to gaelic storm, although I sometimes listen to regimental 'pipes
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    Trousers Color for This Jacket

    I would lean towards a subtle emerald or khaki.
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    western boots with a suit

    Just about half of all the the members of the church I attend wear western boots with a suit. Depends on the style of boot though.
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    No Brown in Town? Outdated Adage or an Absolute?

    I do not think it really matters anymore. I was at a upscale mall today and got many compliments on my brown harris tweed hat. It all depends on what you wear with it. I typically go for a "siegfried farnon" look (khaki vest, tweed coat, pocketwatch and my trilby/bucket hat.