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    New Belt

    I have had very good luck with
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    Which is more casual--AE McAllister or Macneil?

    MacNeil....and as an aside, it is one of my favorite AE shoes ever made.
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    Allen Edmonds ditches “Stodgy Boys Club” Image

    Two fair points. My only counters are - A) as you said AE are very easy to find on discount. B) some of us have feet that dont fit well in European cuts C) American Made still resonates with some of us. To each his own, but in the big picture - Allen Edmonds still makes some nice shoes...
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    Allen Edmonds ditches “Stodgy Boys Club” Image

    Some of you clearly live in a high strata than others, but AE absolutely was a shoe that I worked through my 20s to be able to afford. I saw them in Brooks Brothers and saved my pennies. They may not be as prestigious as others, particularly those on this board. But to me and the average...
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    Allen Edmonds ditches “Stodgy Boys Club” Image

    All personal experience, but I think their independance line is pretty nice...and I have had zero issues with my last pair of park avenues purchased 2 years ago.
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    Allen Edmonds ditches “Stodgy Boys Club” Image

    Without being privy to their books, none of us can say what their bottom like really looks like. As long as they continue to produce a well made higher end, I have no concerns with what they do with their entry level lines. Nearly every manufacturer has "levels", and like it or not - the...
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    Tailoring/Etiquette Q

    Not sure about you, but most BB tailors I have met have been barely competent. Even when I was offered complimentary tailoring, I took it to my own tailor. Take it to the best tailor you in the BB guy or your own.
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    Bostonian making USA shoes again—

    I dont usually volunteer travel advice on countries I have never visited, but yes.....go for it.
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    Bostonian making USA shoes again—

    You dont know anything about them, never wore of even touched them - but you think they are better than AE. Man.
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    Single tie color with grey, blue, and brown suits?

    There has to be a more complicated way to ask this question - but having a hard time thinking of one.
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    How much pants break do you like?

    Somewhere between quarter and half going by those images. I dont like too much material pooling at the ankle, but dislike high waters that show your socks with ever step even more, so err on the longer side of what most men ask for these days.
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    3/4 length?

    It is shorter than a traditional full length overcoat, but longer than a car jacket. It is roughly 3/4 of the way down your leg (usually just below the knee)
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    What is wrong with this custom suit jacket?

    Searching unsuccessfully for the Popcorn emoji.
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    Any major objections to this silk top hat?

    I have a lead on a thimble and battleship if you are still looking for those.
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    Why Does Online Made to Measure Fail So Often?

    I have had great luck with Proper Cloth for shirts, but agree MTM gets more challenging as you get more complex than a shirt. My first shirt was off and it was because my own measurements were off. I then mailed them my best fitting shirt, they measured it themselves and locked those into a...