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  • Part 2:

    For your reference, you described the process as follows:
    "What we do with great success is:
    Insert a last inside the shoe, remove the sole and footbed, saturate the insole with a fluid that makes the leather pliable, while wet tack down the insole to the last and, let cure (dry) on the last. Then, remove the tacks, apply a new footbed, and outer sole."
    Part 1:
    Hi Nick,

    I was reading a very old thread (1) about reshaping the insole of used shoes and I came across a post in which you describe an insole reshaping service for $75. Is that a service you still offer? I'm well aware that the post in question is from 10 years ago, but I would be excited to hear that you are still offering a comparable service.
    Hi Nick - We were both posting comments on the recent Rendenbach sole thread.

    How much do you charge to resole shoes with Rendenbach soles and heels?

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