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    Jensens has a few unusual brands- with narrow widths. Their prices can run modest to Alden++. If special orders are an option, the seconds (alden) via shoe mart are a solid option at up to 40 percent off retail- some of the wealthiest men I know, refuse to wear anything else. Possible problem with alden, for me, is the vamp is relatively short and with a narrow heel; its VERY difficult to get what is called a "positive fit". Additionally Alden shoes can run anywhere from 1/2 to a whole size larger than you generally take; e.g. I take an 11C (british walkers) and a 11B in their loafers. If you are able to visit Knoxville, Flemmings Shoes has an incredible back room- I recall seeing florshiem shell cords - in smaller sizes *narrow widths. Jensens also has a smaller back room section of old stock alden/allen edmonds type clearance shoes. I too like the more traditional shoe with less decorations, however, am sure you know that with your shoe size, a more elaborate shoe would add some brevity to the appearance of your foot.
    The Oxford Shop is representative of the old Nashville mens' shops- we had about 5, at one time. I have been customer there since 1980's. The owner, David Garris is a good man. David, upon recieving a complement on his tie, I understand that he will remove his necktie and insistantly present the cravat to the individual- even a stranger.
    Let me know how the aldens work and if you have any luck with some of my suggestions. I think its usually best to make your own mistakes, unless you are certain the advice you are recieving is iron clad.

    Thanks. I've been to Levey's, but didn't try to order anything. I ordered some Aldens from the Oxford Shop today, so we'll see if those fit. They're kindof at the very top of my price range, so if they don't fit like a glove I'll probably keep looking. I don't know much about the difference between UK and USA styles, so not really sure what I'm looking for as far as that goes. Just something fairly simple, conservative, round-toe, leather sole, dovetail heel. Nothing fancy like wingtips or crazy perforations. My foot is very narrow--8B, which virtually nobody stocks.
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