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  • Mr. Winston,

    Your advice is highly valued and appreciated. It's so refreshing to run into your level of professionalism absent an attitude.
    Best regards.
    I understand you have a few items for sale due to your move. Any chance to get a brief list of what they are? I am a 42L OTR, 16.5 34/35 shirt.
    MTM 2 PC suits start at $1550. Most of the material we use is imported from England. We also use some Italian material . There are only a few good sources of cloth on the planet- all the quality operations know who they are. It takes us 5 to 6 weeks to produce a MTM garment. We cut each suit individually in our work room. Our clothing is all made here in NYC. If you would like to chat, feel free to call- 212 687-0850
    Paul Winston
    Winston Tailors
    What does the average MTM suit start at and what is the quality of the materials? Can you also please tell me how long it takes for the delivery once the order has been placed? Thanks very much.
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