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  • I always tuck my polo shirts in when there’s a tail or if it is longer in the back. Marine Corps habits tend to stick with me.
    I have a question about your post about armholes: is such a procedure of raising the armholes reversible without sustaining any damage to the suit? are the sides able to be let out without damage after they have been already taken in/such an alteration has occured?
    the thing is: I had it done & undone on a suit & I may be imagining but I feel its become tighter around my chest/'armholes' & the sleeves feel shorter even after the sides supposedly been let out. the question is: are they able to be let out all the way to the original? & the sleeves crease on the 'inside' (the under-arm side) when you bend your arm or fold it towards the body (like when you put your hand on your heart).
    its a dior homme btw.
    Both your username and posts drew my attention, and yes, Cleveland for Case Western, although the cold came as a surprise, coming from the south. It's an interesting city with hidden details that are much too easy to glance past. I appreciate the visit. Best to you as well!
    Welcome to my home page.

    I was thinking, if I didn't have this page, would I be considered homepageless? Hmmmmm. I'd have to steal a shopping cart and wander through the forum begging for stuff, especially Little Debbies. Yummmm. I do plan on erecting a small tent on this page so I'll have somewhere to go if I ever do become homepageless. But on second thought this page wouldn't be here if I were homepageless. So I'd have to erect the tent over at Alex and I are great friends. When I was hungry once he gave me a shirt to eat.
    I've been lurking at AAAC for about a year or so, but just joined. I noted from your "location" that you're in my neck of the woods, and I was wondering if you could make a recommendation about where to get alterations done in Portland or nearby. I have some basic stuff (hems, shirts) but also some much more complex problems (trying to save a poorly fitting suit; a couple of sport-coats that need adjusting). Any thoughts on who could handle this?

    FWIW, I spoke with Peter Reny, and he didn't seem keen on it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Loved your posts on the "I'm so superior to those slobs in my age group, I want to be an individual in the exact same way you are" thread.
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