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    Sweater storage - Do you use cedar boxes? How to care for wool and cashmere.

    I add Cedar Essential Oil to the woods occasionally.
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    More from Ralph

    Last January, I got some Navy Plaid flannels, still on the fence about odd Navy trousers.
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    A fat gut, why now?

    wow! really need a step meter things. Still a 39" gut, but , not as firm, easier to slip into some flannels now. More of a muffin top I guess. hate turning 67 today.
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    April purchases.

    B'day soon. looking at a few items out there.
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    A fat gut, why now?

    I walk about 1.5 hours a day, wonder what that is?
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    A fat gut, why now?

    finally fitting into one grey strip suit, and a few flannels. I'll test chinos soon. getting there.
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    When to be matchy matchy and when not to be..

    With 4 Suede's, I really need to update my belt collection.
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    A fat gut, why now?

    When I hit 5.1 A1c, I stayed on the low carb diet. Managed 4.9 the last lab, Doc wanted to stop testing for it. She doesn't really want to reply to my emails about this. Next appointment is in a couple months. When I lost weight, it was belts or braces. two main meals a day now. walk...
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    A fat gut, why now?

    I don't really have any family elders to ask this of. A few years back, I lost 95 lbs, happy. down to a 38 jacket, 34" waist. Last Christmas I wore flannels, tie and cardigan to my doctors. a month later I bought, on line, navy flannels and no way they would fit, off by 4-5". Fat Gut...
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    More from Ralph

    Similar to what I am wearing but what is that 'belt'?
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    Cleaning up some A&E Road Warriors in Black Penny Loafers. Can't wait to try these out later, full rubber sole--nice for the wood floors here. Briefly walking indoors, I think these will work just fine.
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    BB unlined collar OCBD

    As a retired Asian Man, I like that mellow yellow.
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    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    My Glen Plaid suit is a 38 and I am a 40-S now, oh how I miss that.
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    More from Ralph

    A while back I sold some gold chains, watch and Class Ring-18K, for ca$h.
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    When do you toss your suits out?

    I have a closet full of 38 suits and jackets. I am now a 40-s. Hoping my Niece's son can wear those odd jackets. suits? haven't found anyone my size back then.