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    Underrated and overlooked brands

    Descente...everything. From polos to skiwear I've never been disappointed. https://us.descente.com/ https://uk.descente.com/ https://www.descente.co.jp/en/
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    What does a trad girlfriend look like?

    JMHO...but Miss Barnes still looks very nice for being 64 years old.
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    Clint Eastwood

    hmmm....I think the real shame is we have all lost site of the fact he is an actor....nothing more nothing less. We are all so starved for real leaders that we look towards the imaginary ones as our hope.
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    How do you feel about velvet slippers

    I couldn't do it. LLBean handsewn's work great for me.
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    Pink? Must be gay!

    https://www.toughenoughtowearpink.com/ The stands and chutes of the Red Bluff Rodeo are a sea of Pink for 1 day every year. It's kinda cool to see.
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    What are your favorite magazines?

    My last subscriptions where for GQ, Sunset, and Elle Decor. I read everything online now.
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    Reasonably priced driving mocs

    Clark's homage to Nigel Mansell...they have pads instead of nubs. I have some Dean Drivers from Fossil, they have pads too. I'm constantly adding shoe goo to the worn spots to get them to last a bit longer. dkoernert is right, you would do well to avoid them. Check out the CH Tucker, it's a...
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    J. Fold wallets

    I received it in the mail a few days ago. It's a keeper. LOL, the reveal of perforations is pink...my daughters like it too. It's very nicely made.
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    Extremely hot weather athletic gear - Compression v. regular

    Consider some mma training/fight shorts combined with a compression "rash guard" top. Most are made of very light and tough 4 way stretchable fabrics that wick.
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    J. Fold wallets

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Where do ebay sellers get their goods?

    It's a racket my friend. Growing up my father moonlighted as a longshoreman. It was very common for them to "drop" things back then. The bulk of the shipment got fenced but the workers always got a "taste" of the merchandise. I'm sure it still happens now. I've also heard it's quite common for...
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    J. Fold wallets

    https://www.walletnation.com/j-fold-supersonic-punch-purple-bifold-sports-wallet I thinking about buy this model and I'm wondering if they are worth it? Has anyone bought their leather goods? Thank you.
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    sartorialist photo

    Hecka Kewel, Go Lino!
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    What watches are you wearing?

    Nixon Rover with a blue dial...to most people, it looks way more expensive than it is.