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  • I wound up sending $$ through pay pal as Venmo is not working on my phone. You should see it in your account shortly.

    Thanks again!
    Sounds good, let me throw some $$ on my "Venmo card" (my technique to reduce my impulse buying haha) and I'll take them.
    You'll receive payment by end of day.

    Thanks again!
    The Blue Sweater is claimed awaiting payment. If that transaction does not go through you will have first stab at it. I usually use Paypal for online sales. I'm not against using Venmo, but I would need to get an account established.
    Haha, no worries. I'm actually VERY interested in that blue BB jumper that you just posted. Do you accept Venmo and if so, what are the measurements on that and the green Viyella.

    Hello, I was wondering if the green Viyella shirt were still available and if so, do you accept Venmo as payment?

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