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    Safety toed boots

    Sir, The end of the foot may be destroyed by the steel end cap: clipped off or crushed beyond repair. Generally, one might expect such an event when the steel has been stressed more than once, but people often do not replace their boots after one event. The composite toe option is less likely to...
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    Safety toed boots

    MaxBuck, One has both Wolverine and Red Wing boots in safety toe (a few other makers' wares as well). Both are fine products and neither has exceeded useful life as yet. They are each about 25 years in now and will likely remain useful for many more years. Georgia boots do have a very good...
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    How many suits do you own?

    Sir, Congratulations on your purchase. Don''t waste time talking to us, go get that sale suit immediately! You may not need multiple suits, some people prefer to walk around in shorts, tees, and shower shoes for some reason sufficient unto themselves, though it baffles me. How many suits are in...
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    When a suit coat is damaged . . .

    Gentlemen, My own view is that even should the jacket be repairable, the cost of the repair would most certainly be more than just getting another suit. (The last three suits cost $5.00 US ea; so, probably not the usual thing. Also, if the item needs an alteration, it stays at the store for the...
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    Women and the draft

    Gentlemen: The USA does not have a draft now nor will have one any time in the foreseeable future. The military arms are pushing out trained individuals at all ranks to reduce the size of the the forces and have been for sometime. The fiction of a draft registration ought to be disposed of for...
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    Olive Green Shirt/Trousers Combe

    Sounds perfect to me, and one had an intention to mention linen... regards, rudy
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    Unidentified "13S" Jacket Label?

    Gentlemen, Very likely to be Syms Corp. 'S' brand. This company is no longer around. Many items sold in their stores were irregular, and the maker's label would be removed after the purchase. Other items were made for them to sell under the maker's label. Their private 'S' brand were all made...
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    How late can you wear cords

    When the title asked, "How late can you wear cords" my first thought was 6:00 o'clock... But do as thou wilt, rudy
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Rudy's Dinner Suit for Wedding
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    Safari Jackets.

    Flanderian, one just wore a similar though much simpler cotton jacket to the office today, also not belted, though one has one of those as well in some closet. Mine are all simple cotton, but they serve well. Probably have at least three in different styles and weights. What would we do without...
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    Is it acceptable to wear a suit jacket as a blazer?

    No, but don't let that stop you. It is a checked pattern. Not a worry. Who would even notice or care. Sometimes we over think these matters. rudy
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    Opinions on Rockport dress shoes?

    Personally, one does not like any of their shoes for any serious dress. For some work situations they will do. Depends on your situation really. Newer J&M are not much either. Older are better and may be rebuilt very well for many years. Otherwise, best to go English, but those are not in the...
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    Any possible way to correct these shoes, or should I just throw them out?

    AE question Just send them back to AE for repair. At these prices, it is not your problem but their's, and they are well known for taking care of these matters. Don't wait. rudy
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    Linen suits

    Sirs, One may wear such an item anytime it is in tune with the weather. One wears suits because one wishes to wear that suit and other items on the day. People will accept and respect your good taste. Might add a panama hat to the mix. Naturally, one wears whatever pleases me on the day and gets...
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    Summer dilemma (wrinkles)

    Guys, the wrinkles are part of the charm of the fabrics. Nothing to fear here. Best not to spend too much on dry cleaning and pressing as it stresses the materials and produces wear. Just hang and air them; enjoy. A horsehair brush will not hurt, soda water, etc., for spills and stains, and so...