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  • RogerP
    Hi Jeff - I have no experience with that particular suit but I do have a strong preference for 100 per cent wool, and of the best quality that one's wallet will accommodate. Check out
    Ok. Thanks. I just meant if it looked cheaper being a blend. I like 100% wool as well.
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    Hello Roger,

    I would like to ask you if you would tell me the model number of your Omega with the clean dial, leaf hands and blue second? I am looking for a nice classy watch for a while now, but you Omega really stands out. I find that watch amazing and would like to find one for me.

    Kind regards
    Nino Gabriel
    Cool, thanks for the insight!
    Now, if i had a leather sole with a rubber half sole installed, would that be fine against the elements, or would I need to go full rubber? I assume as the upper is all leather, i should be ok.
    Hey roger! I'm looking back to a thread on dress boots I has a while back, and it seems like you know your stuff!
    If I was to purchase a pair or two or calfskin dress boots (can't afford she'll at this point in my life) with rubber soles, would I be fine for work/nice nights out in the upcoming Toronto winter? as long as I was adamant about wiping then down when I get in to work and when I'm back home, as well as regular cleaning , conditioning, and polishing (cream AND wax), would they joke up?

    If u was to shine then and put wax on them, the shine would be gone after being outside, wouldn't it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Hi RogerP,

    Do you have any experience with the G&G last tg73? As I fit into an 11.5d I'm wondering how it fits compared to the E G. 888 & 82.

    Thanks on advance.

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