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  • Hi Mark,

    I see you have experience with Mr. Greenfield and sons. I'm curious how you like your suits a few years on from purchasing. I'm an attorney getting ready for my biggest matter -- my marriage. The wedding is May 28th. You can see my post on AskAndy here It has all the details.

    I'd be curious to hear more about your experiences and if you have any suits from Alan David Custom.

    - Gill
    Go with Greenfield. Better suit.

    Nothing is forever. Tailors go in and out of business all the time. Martin's two sons are there, and he trained them. Incidentally, neither Martin or the sons are tailors. They do fittings with the in-house tailor.

    Try one suit at a time.
    price being equal who would you pick for a mtm suit martin greenfield or mr ned? i know martin is a great individual but since he aged i woulnt be dealing with him but rather with one of his inhouse tailors
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