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  • Hello StephenRG ,
    What does "Evidently lots of indoor pigeons." mean ? *

    *(english is not my first language)
    Just saw this again, funniest thing I have read here, thanks !

    Samuel Pepys described it:
    Did hie myfelfe down to Fleet Ftreet wherein an American was exhibiting ye lateft colonial ftyle of Boote. Remarked on ye ftrange Extenfion of ye fronte Ornamente, which the aforefaid American did defcribe as a long Wingtippe, though to mine eyes looked more fuitable as the Ornamente around ye Decke of Fhippes equipped with Cannon. Ye refourceful American, in ye manner of ye Breede, had arranged for fome comelie Maidens to exhibit ye Bootes. Did recognize one from recent Exploittes but accounted it better to pretend no Recognition.
    Hi Stephen, sorry you weren't able to make it I'm sure it would have been more enjoyable than a visit to the vet. I hope everything is OK.

    I just posted a bunch of pictures on our website of the many samples we had. Let me know what you think.

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