1. Suit of Nettles

    Wearing Black.

    I had always understood that black cloth was limited in its informal versatility (lounge suits, odd jackets, etc.) largely by its formal role. This is often argued as having something to do with time of day, in some vague relation to the 'no black tie during daylight' rule, but the fact that a...
  2. Suit of Nettles

    Navy trouser success

    Camel (and specifically camel hair) is a great example of what plays well with navy trousers. I also think Matt's point about Sarge's navy trousers picking up the navy in the jacket is not only spot-on, but indicative of the explanation put forth: that because it looks like a coherent outfit...
  3. Suit of Nettles

    A Master Bespoke Tailor in Toronto?

    Very interesting...
  4. Suit of Nettles

    Navy trouser success

    Jlib, I think it's merely the implication that such navy pants could have been orphaned (or briefly kidnapped) from a navy suit, in the same sense that an orphan jacket is said to be 'wrong' merely from the implication that it may have been an orphan. One could (for instance) have a navy suit...
  5. Suit of Nettles

    Navy trouser success

    Nicely done, Sarge: a very elegant, casual look. I once had it explained to me that the apparent contempt for navy trousers in Britain came from the implication that one had pulled the trousers from one's only navy suit and paired them with an odd jacket in a desperate attempt to put together a...
  6. Suit of Nettles

    Patch pocket on rear of sport coat, next to vent??? WTF

    That's definitely a special jacket...
  7. Suit of Nettles

    Are these shoes appropriate to wear with a suit?

    Indeed. PTB's are inherently casual, and this one, because of the chunky sole and fairly crude finishing around the eyerows, is *very* casual. I'm not even sure it's wearable for business-casual. What you're looking for business wear with a suit is more like this:
  8. Suit of Nettles

    Men's fashion classics hang-ups

    I have the same loafer hang-up as well. I love boat shoes and venetians, but I cannot get my head around anything else.
  9. Suit of Nettles

    WSJ: New Lands' End CEO Offers High Fasion & a Culture Clash

    I'll echo alkydrinker: a repost would be nice. Our very own 'OCBD' updated his old LE comparison blog a while back, reporting that the Hyde Park now has collar-points significantly under 3", and as such is basically a dead-end. I actually don't mind the previous incarnation of the HP: I have...
  10. Suit of Nettles

    grooming Beards and the professional

    One hell of an athlete, but...
  11. Suit of Nettles

    (Silk) Tie with a Linen Shirt?

    Honestly, Scarlet, consulting with Paul would be the best way to go. His grenadine fina ties are unbelievably good value, if you want to got that way, but he also has lovely cotton and blends, he'll be able to give you a very experienced eye for texture.
  12. Suit of Nettles

    Does anyone else love their old clothes?

    A fine Stoic reminder -- not only of the transitory nature of clothes, but of the fact that a man who wears and cares for his BB suits well is no less than the man who enjoys his Brioni's. (And thank you for the compliment.)
  13. Suit of Nettles

    Could someone explain how a blazer and sportcoat differ and how they are similar?

    He means that the physical differences that Winston et al. have laid out are not significant to him, and that the act of calling X jacket 'a blazer' is purely a matter of anyone deciding at any time to call it as such. While I agree to a point (in that I've heard salesmen at BB in Toronto refer...
  14. Suit of Nettles

    Does anyone else love their old clothes?

    The problem is the word 'love'. We can generally agree that actual erotic love for clothing is uncommon. We can also agree that the love of clothing is not quite paternal, even for a confirmed bachelor. However, I do think that if we can speak of loving wisdom, as in philosophy, we can...
  15. Suit of Nettles

    Patch pocket on rear of sport coat, next to vent??? WTF

    That would seem to be some kind of deranged game pocket (or 'poacher's pocket') but suitable only for squirrels and sparrows instead of rabbits and pheasants.