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  • Victor,

    I'm assuming at 5'7" you're a relatively trim build (36-37 jacket?). If you go with the ticket pocket and want notch lapel, I'd stick with straight pockets on the jacket; the hacking pockets are more suited to a peak lapel. But, for your height, I'd consider hacking pockets as they add an illusion of being taller. You'll be just with a single forward pleat and cuffs, and consider getting the cuffs a bit larger than standard (I'd recommend 1.5 inches), as that, too, will add an illusion of height. Slash (1/4) pockets on the pants will help keep whatever you have in them from sliding out, but that is just my preference.

    When measuring jacket length, make sure that the jacket falls closer to your finger tips than your thumb tip.

    Also, request a basted fitting on your first suit; it is probably an additional charge, but will allow you a point in the process to make tweaks you wouldn't otherwise be able to do once the finished product arrives.
    Twizz, I put an order in for a three piece suit with Nordstroms for a HF as you suggested. Weds,getting measured. I am at odds as to finish the tailoring fine points. So far: vested,2pockets,points,5 button;Notch lapel,ticking,ticket pocket,workable sleeve button. Now an educated opinion would be apprecciated. Single or dual vents? straight or hacked pockets on jacket? I am leaning to cuffed trousers with a single forward pleat. At 5'7" would flat front, no pleat be wise? Straight or slash pockets? Being my fist MTM any adviice would be of great help, Thank you in advance,

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