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  • Hi Audi S5 TC,

    Waistcoats typically have some type of interfacing in the front. I've seen fully fused fronts and fully canvassed front, but never a half canvas. There's never any padding in waistcoats.

    Trousers have interfacings of different kinds in the waistband, but that's it. There's no such thing as canvassing or padding in trousers.

    Waistcoats and trousers from a good tailor or maker will be hand-cut and hand-finished. They can be hand-stitched in places, such as on the edges of the pockets. Long seams are just about never hand-stitched. Waistcoats have pick-stitching by hand along the edges. Waistcoats and trousers overall involve less work than jackets do. Waistcoats may have just as much handwork as jackets have, but there's typically not a lot of hand-work involved with trousers.

    I hope this helps.

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