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  • Hi, if the Bills Khakis are unworn and not sold I'm very interested. I'm new here but have 100% feedback elsewhere on eBay and Audiogon (high end audio).

    I would like to buy the RL Shawl collar fair isle sweater too!

    Thanks so much...let me know where to send the payment.

    Thanks again!
    Posting in response to your PM because you can no longer accept any more in return (I think you need to clear out some space):

    Thanks for the offer... that just wouldn't feel right though. I think everyone else deserves a fair chance.
    Thanks for the temptation, but I had to pass. Don't hesitate to keep me in mind in the future.
    It probably can be changed, but it's beyond my ken to do it. You need to send a PM to Kabbaz and/or jcusey to see if they can change it.
    Am glad, hope it was worth the delay. I forgot to throw in an unusual shoe horn for you. I have some other shoes that you may be interested in; burnished brown saddle j&m 11c *usa (8.4/10), florshiem kenmoore blucher in black pebble grain with cleat on heel (9.6/10), AE black split toe with leather & then vibram lug sewn on to the double soles 10.5b (8.4/10), Hanover shell cord bluchers 11c (9.1/10), & some others in 11.5b & a couple of 12a & 12b penny loafers ae & bass *usa- but I'd have to look. I need to downsize & I have waay too many shoes. Offer me something on the others if you are interested.
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