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  • H. Freeman and Sons 3 piece poplin(?) suit size 44 at Palo Alto Goodwill. 3/2 roll, undarted sack cut.
    Oh also that Savers on Bascom had an awesome pair of old looking Irish Setter by Red Wing workboots size 12D or maybe 12C.
    Stopped by the SA on Taylor yesterday. Did you deliberately pass on that blue chambray (not sure exactly what the material was) 3 button sack from Cable Car Clothiers? If only it was a little bit smaller.

    Also check out the Savers on Bascom. There was a really nice Harris tweed that was too large for me. I suspect that I also found that Jpress suit you mentioned at this Savers. I think they rotate clothes as this is not the first time I saw one item at multiple stores. Sadly too small.
    I saw those Dunhill suits. Really nice construction and surprisingly modern looking for being made in the 90s, according to the tags. A little too wide in the shoulders sadly.
    Imperial Florsheim shell cordovan longwings at Goodwill Palo Alto, size 12D. Will likely need a resole but the uppers are characteristically lovely.
    I'm seeing a ton of stuff in our area with dry cleaner's tags on them. I'm guessing the fact that 2010 taxes are about due reminds them to dump unclaimed items off at thrift stores so they can itemize it in 2011.
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