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    Trivago Guy

    Still the least interesting man in the world.
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    Looking for Solid Maroon/Burgundy Dress Shirts

    Consider these.
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    Pay It Forward

    If you build it, I still have some ties set aside to pay forward (some of which may be the good doctor's), so I'll need to see it rolling before that set aside inventory moves in good faith. I'll confess that the constant betrayals soured me to the forum, not just the project, so be careful what...
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    Worst Movie Ever

    While the Twilight films and Battlefield Earth were noble contenders, there can be but one champion. The winner, gentlemen, is Freddy Got Fingered. Rip Torn must have lost a bet.
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    Would you buy a "custom" suit that looks like this?

    I would have to agree. Thank you for taking the time to respond to our critique.
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    Local and Craft Brewed Beer

    Guinness and cider drinker, but should any of you find yourselves in Orlando, do visit my friends at Orlando Brewing. Great gentlemen.
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    Liking these ps

    Bjorn, nice of you to leave out the fact that these are from the "mid-life crisis" line! That Spitfire one is slick, though....
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    MW and JAB reach a deal

    I want to believe you, but if they can get rid of George Zimmer, they can get rid of my shirts. I guarantee it.
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    MW and JAB reach a deal

    And I'm nervous. JAB is my go-to for XXL and exact-size shirts, the occasional clearance item, and (of course) shoe trees. MW has, in my opinion, better suits, but I don't buy those at either place any longer.
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    The new fad

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    The new fad

    Since fashion is more important than anything else and I wear eyeglasses, a question, gentlemen: does the monocle go in front of the standard glasses lens or behind? :biggrin:
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    Would you buy a "custom" suit that looks like this?

    Fabric: 100 % Australian Merino Wool Super 120’s Fabric Weight: 260gms/m The Charcoal suit is a timeless piece for your collection. Textured materials tend to bestow a more luxurious appeal. This custom suit is the one that is always in vogue. The super 120's fabric is souced from one of the...
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    Would you buy a "custom" suit that looks like this?

    Why are you protecting the guilty by hiding the link? Someone needs to tell Sanchit and Yashas to watch Project Runway reruns.
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    Which AAAC member has had the most profound impact on your wardrobe?

    Manton... after all, he summarized the wisdom of the forum into an excellent book. Of course, the same obviously applies to Andy.
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    Cheaper alternative to Allend Edmonds?

    I like the way you think, sir, and hope for more comments in this thread.