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  • James if number 16 cashmere xl and number 18 bloomingdales cashmere xl is sti ll available would you take 20 d0llars for each itried to private mssage you but the new website changes have foiled me thanks Jeff
    Sent paypal payment and tried to send my address, but inbox is full. I'll try again shortly.
    Hey again. Inbox is full.

    Has the "Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers in the classic No. 1 stripe and color! 3 1/8" been sold?
    Apparently your PM inbox is full,

    I'm interested in Jacket #18 "BEAUTIFUL Whitehouse & Hardy 3/2 sack tweed" from your post on March 5. Is it still available for $25 including shipping?

    This is my first time on the thrift exchange thread, so walk me through how this works. I assume you take paypal?
    Tweedy Don,
    I would like to purchase 12, 18, and 44. Would you take $35 for all three?

    After your post yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing your scarves.
    I like #12 (for my wife).
    I may also be interested in #2 for myself. I'd like to wait until you get the rest of them posted before making a final decision.
    I'll take this tie please:

    ) Dark Forest Green Silk Knit; Made in Italy for Land's End. Reinforced neck piece. 3 3/8". $15.


    I am interested in the bills shorts number 41.The ones with the straps. I have never posted before and am unsure how to proceed from here. Please advise. Thank you. Peter
    Hello Mr. Tweedy,

    I am very interested in the LL bean Madras if it is still available. Remind me again please, do you accept Venmo? I purchased a jacket from you a few weeks ago and I don't remember if we used Venmo or I sent cash.
    In any case, lovely jackets as usual. My apologies for not PM'ing but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.
    Thanks again and have a great day!
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