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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    You can get organic cotton tees in colors!
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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    So of course you would grow it on the plains around Lubbock! It is good to know all of this. I am more than adequately set for nicer clothing but seem to need tee shirts now and then. I shall be looking for organic cotton for them!
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    Recently Watched & Favorite Movies: Personal Reviews & More

    Not a movie, just Apple TV series. We are really enjoying The Morning Show. It is dark and complicated. Also enjoying Ted Lasso, exhibiting the most comedic creativity I have seen since 30 Rock or Schitt's Creek.
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    Sweater Color over Burgundy Tie/Grey Pants?

    Yes, welcome! I heartily endorse a Fair Isle or pink, but oatmeal is quite nice, too. I also echo the notion of a V-neck with a tie. Then there is always the idea out of left field, a moleskin vest!
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    Whither Brooks Brothers?

    My ties to Brooks go a good bit farther back than Ole Hickory. My tie there was with Carol Dohra, greatly missed. She came to work in her crisply starched Candy Striper uniform every Tuesday. She knew what I loved and was delightfully candid. Every year in addition to the standard colors...
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    It's TWEED Season!

    There have been several of late that illustrate a universal truth: A classic tweed jacket, a blue shirt that is actually blue as opposed to a bluish grey, and a tie with rich tones are going to look incredibly good.
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    The Libation Contemplation Thread

    Like walking into a cloud.
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    Whither Brooks Brothers?

    I agree with the strategy of returning to its traditions, and I would add a complimentary strategy of touting timelessness that does not constantly cycle new fashions into landfills. Although it has become something "other," it still has phenomenal name recognition and might be the only brand...
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    How about a Taco Tuesday Thread?

    In my experience poblanos are great for chili relleno, but tacos need more zip, like serranos or at least jalapenos. The sautéed onions sound great. I often make sautéed onions and poblano peppers marinated in oil, cider vinegar, Worcestershire, powdered anchos, and cumin to toss on top of a...
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    How about a Taco Tuesday Thread?

    I was thinking of cubing them, dredging lightly in cornstarch, highly seasoning with something like a steak rub, and either frying or baking at 380 in a convection oven until brown and slightly crisp. The effect would be a little like carnitas.
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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    Welcome aboard, Orlon. Enjoy the ride!
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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    Dirtiest Crop on Earth Conventional cotton has “earned” the title of being the dirtiest crop on earth. It consumes 16% of the world's insecticides and requires $2 Billion in pesticides each year.
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    Da Well Turn-Out Mobster Thread

    If you wear a suit and tie it proves that you are responsible and trustworthy!
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    September Purchases

    As OCBDs go that one is my favorite.
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    Help identify a tie maker with an "H" logo

    My guess is J L Hudson.