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    Experience with Eastland Falmouth USA Camp Moc?

    I’m wearing a pair right now and they do indicate on the inside that they are made by Rancourt. They are very well made but the more I wear them the more I realize I don’t find a camp sole to be very comfortable.
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    Bills Khakis Weathered Canvas Pants

    I have several pair of the weathered canvas 5 pocket pants and I also wear them whenever one might wear jeans - unless I am doing very dirty gardening. I like them very much and wear them here in North Carolina from spring through the fall. I believe mine are the “sand” color which remind me of...
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    Blucher Moc vs Camp Moc

    I would first buy whatever you think you might wear more often. Camp mocs were the first shoes I ever bought on my own more than 50 years ago but in recent years I haven't owned a pair. Boat shoes serve the same purpose for me now and I find them slightly more comfortable for walking. I always...
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    Which is the most rugged/durable boat shoe?

    I have been very happy with Sebago Crest Docksides. They have much better construction and a better sole than other moderately priced boat shoes I have worn. Mine are Horween leather although they don't specify which one. Rancourt makes my favorite boat shoe but for under $100 on Amazon the...
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    Spirit of Shetland is gone

    I have not purchased anything from them but if anyone has an interest in Fair Isle style Shetlands there is a Facebook page for "Fair Isle made in Fair Isle". Mostly hats and scarves but sweaters are apparently available. Sweaters are quite expensive but handmade on Fair Isle.
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    Trad dog breeds

    Rowdy the Field Spaniel
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    Wigwam 625 wool/nylon crew socks - yeech!

    Thinking of "outfits from our youth". One item i need to get is a wool CPO shirt in navy. In the early sixties I lived in one of those this time of year. Along with an ocbd, khakis, wigwams and penny loafers it got me through until peacoat season and could often be worn over a crewneck...
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    Spirit of Shetland is gone

    I like the sweaters from Leith Clothing. They are made on the Shetland Islands, saddle shoulders, brushed and reasonably priced. https://www.leithclothing.com
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    Why is it so hard to find a good pair of business casual chinos?

    Orvis Ultimate trim fit khakis at 2 pair for $168 are very nice.
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    End of Bills Khakis

    I just received a coupon code (add75) from Bills for an additional 75% off clearance prices. I ordered a pair of Bullard Twills and a shirt for a total of $51.75 including shipping
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Ensiferous - Great combination! I particularly like that sweater.
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    The Yellow OCBD Debate. What say you?

    In my humble opinion it is hard to beat the combination of navy blazer, yellow OCBD, A&S tie and gray flannels.
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    It's a cold morning in the Piedmont. LE wool field jacket Brooks sweater Viyella
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    End of Bills Khakis

    I just got a pair of Bills' corduroys for $37 and change from Sierra Trading Post. One of the few times STP had Bills' in the style and size I wanted. I had so much trouble ordering directly from Bills' when the craziness started that I gave up. Glad to hear that others have had success and...
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Christmas Eve