1. Woofa

    What do you think of this jacket worn in Gunsmoke?

    Good to see you peak. Hope you have been well.
  2. Woofa

    Brooks brothers outerwear, vintage?

    Someone here will know more than me but I think that this is not vintage (unless you consider 80's or 90's vintage. ) the fact that it was made in China leada me to believe it is in that era or newer. I believe this tag was made for outerwear that was styled after the true vintage stuff. I...
  3. Woofa

    Alex Trebek's Wardrobe Is Donated To The Doe Fund

    Certainly a nice thing to do but I could not help but laugh as they discussed his "huge" wardrobe. Certainly it sounds like he would be about average for AAAC members.😁
  4. Woofa

    Topcoats. Canali or Hickey Freeman?

    Certainly o connels 's has some great products. But quick question. Not sure of your lifestyle but I might question if a longer overcoat is really necessary or at least if it is worth spending $$$ on. I grew up around Manhattan and most men who worked there including my father had both a...
  5. Woofa

    Mesh wrap around cuff links

    Pics? I am not sure what they are.
  6. Woofa

    Where to find braces for Guayabera shirt?

    I think the problem here is connecting the braces to the guayabara shirt as opposed to connecting them to the trousers worn. As far as I know braces are for the pants. Now I would find it odd to wear braces without a spoRt jacket or suit jacket but as the guayabara shirts are loose fitting...
  7. Woofa

    Good short service boot

    I have a pair of vibergs and while they are special, so is their price. I have heard only good things about whites although not had an opportunity to handle any. My guess is if you could get them on sale they would be great. I have owned 1000 mile boots and iron ranger boots and consider them...
  8. Woofa

    Suede derby’s

    I think that is a perfect combination. Derbys go well with more casual pants like corduroy. I even go so far as to wear boat shoes with an outfit like the one you describe if the situation is casual enough.
  9. Woofa

    Wore this outfit to Court today

    That's a beautiful Oxxford sport coat and a good example for those who believe all of their stuff is old fashioned. Looks great.
  10. Woofa

    Been gone since Covid

    Welcome back momsdoc. You were missed. Glad you are well.
  11. Woofa

    New Member Intro

    Welcome to the forums. And yes, thrifting can become a part of your life.
  12. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    So glad to help. Good luck on your big day.
  13. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    Does the pocket stop short like that? Maybe a result of being custom but I am pretty sure my pockets are deeper to allow for a normal sized square. If so perhaps you need a very thin and/or small square for that jacket. I have attached three separate jackets by three different makers and the...
  14. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    Are you saying that the pocket square is so large that it affects the closure of the jacket? Can you show us some pics with and without the square?
  15. Woofa

    This button for this jacket?

    One of the things I love about shopping at thrift stores is an opportunity to buy items so cheaply that it can be worth purchasing just for the buttons. I have previously bought Oxxford pieces just to harvest the buttons. This is even better if you can also use the jacket. For <$10 a set you...