1. Woofa

    Burberry trench - authentic or replica?

    Burberry is faked quite a bit and some fakes are quite good. If you are looking to flip there is a fake or real thread in classic menswear on tof. Check there as some of those guys resell and can be experts. If your not reselling then this looks real enough. Good luck.
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome to the forums. And yes, thrifting can become a part of your life.
  3. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    So glad to help. Good luck on your big day.
  4. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    Does the pocket stop short like that? Maybe a result of being custom but I am pretty sure my pockets are deeper to allow for a normal sized square. If so perhaps you need a very thin and/or small square for that jacket. I have attached three separate jackets by three different makers and the...
  5. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    Are you saying that the pocket square is so large that it affects the closure of the jacket? Can you show us some pics with and without the square?
  6. Woofa

    This button for this jacket?

    One of the things I love about shopping at thrift stores is an opportunity to buy items so cheaply that it can be worth purchasing just for the buttons. I have previously bought Oxxford pieces just to harvest the buttons. This is even better if you can also use the jacket. For <$10 a set you...
  7. Woofa

    Help me pair a pocket square with my tie

    Hello and welcome to the forums and congrats on your wedding. For me the Chipp grenadine is nicer and will be much more versatile after the wedding. Also Paul Winston of Chipp neckties is a member here and always helpful. as for pocket square you might be best off with plain white linen. Show...
  8. Woofa

    best store for stylish blazers? and where to find this blazer

    Hello huab and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately you would get less love on the Trad forums. The truth is that this website is generally not going to be of much help for items that are fashionable as opposed to stylish. perhaps stylish may be confused with conservative although it is not...
  9. Woofa

    How does one use a trench coat throat latch?

    Welcome to the forums. Try and get us a picture of your coat but, the answer is that the throat latch is meant to be unbuttoned, reversed and then rebuttoned at which point is should be able to close a raised collar correctly in bad weather. It is reversed for storage out of the way under the...
  10. Woofa

    PSA Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan Wallet $105

    wasring time and stopped into an AE. Started discussing shell with the SA and she showed me an online deal. COLOR 8, Shell wallet from 350 to $150 and then 30% off with free delivery to my home. She set it up, can't beat this deal
  11. Woofa

    Thinking of buying a Safari shirt/jacket.

    So I have been feeling like the site has become a little monotonous lately. Here is a new topic for discussion That I hope will recharge our batteries. I get to shop quite a bit at No Man Walks Alone with funds from my thrift finds. With most of my sartorial needs well satisfied and living in...
  12. Woofa

    Thick, warm scarf for <$150?

    I think that as long as you stay away from cashmere and from what I call the ultra luxury brands (Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, etc. Where prices can approach four figures for a scarf) you should have no problem at that priced point. A quick look at O’Connell’s website shows many options in...
  13. Woofa

    Decoding Allen Edmonds markings

    8287 is shell cordovan #8 Grayson. i use google to find hunters guide to shell cordovan usually get a quick confirmation there.
  14. Woofa

    I want to go to university lectures in a suit.

    I think your current outfit looks nice. I would guess that it is a little more dressy than the average college student in Germany although I admit I have no idea. Here in the states my experience is that you would be fine if slightly more dressy than most of the other students In some schools...