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  • Hey bro,

    I'm glad to hear you enjoy my posts; I enjoy yours too! :) Maybe I'll start posting at FNB, but I'd rather wait a while first -- like at least a month. Maybe by then I will have lost enough weight to focus on new pants next (I've already bought a ton of new shirts). My attire may be the same old stuff every time in their view, but they forget that jeans are the only long pants I currently own (aside from suit pants and track pants) thanks to my khakis starting to look ratty. And I'm not gonna waste money on new pants that will soon be too big for me (been running a lot in an effort to lose weight -- the cold weather caused me to fall down on the job in that area). At any rate, the main reason I posted so many photos at FNB (and here as well) was to show off my new shirts and sweaters (until recently I'd never owned anything by Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Land's End, etc.). But I guess I just can't win.
    16 x 33.5
    I still have that BB grey gingham you asked about a few weeks ago.

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