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    starting sentences with the word "so"......

    Man, you so cray cray. :p
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    Is anybody know naming black strings on sleeves (photo)?

    I think the tattoos look great, but that just might be because I'm a young guy, so I'm used to everyone having at least a few tats. Anyway, you should be able to find these sleeve garners on online Victorian and/or Steampunk websites.
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    Wallet Recommendations

    Tanner Goods, perhaps?
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    Dressing like children???

    *Tries to hide his few pairs of cargo shorts*
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    Seattle based tailors?

    Not me personally, but my uncle(who is a tough man to please), swears by him.
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    Seattle based tailors?

    Here are a few thread to help you on your search:
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    Seattle based tailors?

    I forget the name of the shop, but I remember being told that there was a great tailor in or near Pikes Place. However, since I live in Tacoma, the only recommendation I can give you is Franco the Tailor, which is near Stadium High School. ~Zach
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    Do you wear sports jerseys?

    I don't wear any today, but man, I used to have a Sonics jersey that I would wear almost 2-3 times a week. (I was in elementary school, mind you)
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    Places to avoid

    The roach coach near St. Joseph's. Never again will I trust that $5.00 lunch combo special.
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    Places to avoid

    lol, I agree.
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    What are You Drinking Today?

    A huge amount of eggnog.
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    What are you listening to right now?
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    What are You Drinking Today?

    A glass of Four Roses bourbon.
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    Men's handbag

    I find man bags to be very practical for me right now, so I approve of them. Plus, man bags can be quite nice. (My favorite man bag is a hand-stitched leather bag I bought from a small vendor)