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    How to match a patterned sport coat? (Novice question)

    Thank you everyone. It looks like I'll be on the lookout for a charcoal flannel or gabardine, or taupe gabardine. If my finances survive the holidays remotely intact I should be able to purchase a pair soon.
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    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    I'm buying my father an O'Connell's Shetland sweater for Christmas to replace one he lost 10 years ago. Does anyone know if the chest size is accurate in the sense of a 44 being exactly 44 inches around the chest or if there's some degree of extra allowance? I couldn't get his sport coat size...
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    How to match a patterned sport coat? (Novice question)

    Thank you everyone. @TKI67 I had to look up some taupe pants to get an idea of the color. I really like it. Thanks. Congratulations to you as well. It's been tough seeing my clothes become way too big, especially after finding out this last weekend that my neck size went down (I could have...
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    How to match a patterned sport coat? (Novice question)

    Hello, I lost about 60 pounds recently and around the last 15 of them my jacket size went down from a 46 to 44 (while my waist went from a 44-46 to a 38). This has meant saying goodbye to just about all of my tailored clothes. I picked up a few sport coats to wear while I wait to see what...
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    Covid-19--Exposes our Health Care System’s Weaknesses.

    My wife's not enjoying having to be at home, especially while I still have to go out to work, but we're still healthy and doing well. I hope everyone is doing well. We've been missing our dance outings so we moved the rugs, dressed up and had a night in with dinner and dancing (well, dinner...
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    Brooks Bothers to make masks?

    It appears to have been announced recently. https://abc7news.com/coronavirus-nc-brooks-brothers-masks-sampson-county-factory/6062810/
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    Portland Oregon Men's Stalwart Says: "Farewell Southwick"

    I just called the store about some shoes they ordered for me. They're having to go to appointments only after today due to the current situation. When I do come in I'll definitely look at some of their Southwick items. They've been really kind to me, no m after how badly dressed I've been when...
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    Vinegar on shoes

    My wife says submerging electronics in rice can help absorb liquids that have gotten into them. It might work for shoes and a quick search showed people do it to dry out leather boots without ill effect.
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    How to Handle a Very Casual Workplace

    I work in a local government office and our dress code is similiar minus the shorts and flip flops. It's hard to say what's too much but in my experience there's a feedback loop between a person feeling more comfortable in a wardrobe change and their coworkers getting to it. As one improves, so...
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    Found mold on a jacket. Other clothes at risk?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. To provide some more information, only the suit jacket and pants had any visible mold, everything else in the closet, walls included showed no signs. The moisture is coming in through a corner in the ceiling on the opposite side of the room. Nothing is damp...
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    Found mold on a jacket. Other clothes at risk?

    Hello everyone, This isn't the post I planned on making after my account was approved, but I've run into a bit of a problem. My home has a moisture problem that can't be taken care of permanently until the rainy season ends. In the meantime I found mold on an older suit I'd bought at a thrift...