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  • I'm glad to have met you, Mr. Docs :) It's was really nice to bump into you on that thread! Thanks for not bandwagoning against me. You seem like a really positive person and I appreciate that! I spend a abnormal amount of time with my tailor and the subject of suiting in general. I guess we can call it my hobby :D Sadly, it would seem that everyting I've learned over seven years of real world experience is simply void beacuse I'm young, I may be new to this community, but that last thread really gave me a negitive impression of the general attitude here.

    Go ahead and message me anytime if you have any questions about India or are just bored and want to talk. I'm always up for a chat about menswear, music, political governance, history, automobiles, technology, economics, sociology, and just about anything. :D

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Are you back?
    The companies need to know that we pay attention to these things.
    Hope you and your family are doing fine.
    Thank you for the good wishes.
    Best Regards,
    My friend,

    I am gonna take a break. You will see, that I am very vocal about US companies, going over seas and selling us crap.
    We have a few companies here that contribute. Allen Edmunds is one. I was not impressed with what I got.
    Not at all, and made it known.
    I got crap, a leather belt with a plastic buckle. It seems Allen Edmunds, on their web site. Is having problems with quality.
    I had some questions about the quality before I bought.
    Anyway, need a breather, am unable tp post hope you get this.
    Also, you are in charge of their health!!
    I enjoyed writing you, am going to take a break anyway, daughter comes home in 3 weeks!
    God Bless

    Hi my friend

    How are ya. J Press has a nice sale on their shaggy dog sweaters.
    These are for sure scottish shetland. Like you need out there.

    They have a wool, outdorr coat. Again, yu will not need.
    Usually runs 890 at Press, going for 390.
    It looks like a schoeffel, or Lasken.
    A nice coat. These are hard to get this price here. Usually get it in England.
    I dont know if you will ever need something like this?
    You have a nice day my friend

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