1. mikel

    The delights of West Texas Weather

    @BillC - the weather pattern looks pretty nice in Lubbock. Is it pretty humid in the summer?
  2. mikel

    Any shoe brands constructed as well as Alden?

    Hey there @jon44 - I'm sure one of our resident shoe experts will chime in here and help you. In the meantime, you may want to check out our Ready To Wear Shoes Pyramid Guide, with contributions from members like @RogerP and one of our writers Tony Gorga. Also, here a discussion about the...
  3. mikel

    Remnants of Florida’s Early Years: Behind the Walls of a Sports Bar

    @Fading Fast - Very cool find indeed! This is the perfect place for this thread :) Thanks for letting me know!!
  4. mikel

    Mexican McDonald's Ad?

    @ran23 - just PM'd you. Want to try something with you if you see the ad.
  5. mikel

    New Member Intro

    If that is the case, you may like our Vintage Motor discussion in The Interchange, as well as our Food, Drink, Travel & The Arts section. Hope you have fun here.
  6. mikel

    Mexican McDonald's Ad?

    Yo quiero Taco Bell. Me too :)
  7. mikel

    Made in USA V-Neck Undershirts. Where to find them?

    Thanks so much @eagle2250 - that's really nice of you. We've been getting tons of similar messages, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support. If you haven't tried our G3 boxer briefs (if you wear that type of underwear) you may want to give those a try too -- they've been a...
  8. mikel

    Mexican McDonald's Ad?

    @ran23 - well my friend - it looks as though there is a rogue ad that absolutely should not be happening on the site. You were 100% right. We absolutely do not allow pop-up ads from our ad network, but sure enough, it looks like something has slipped through the cracks. We have set ad...
  9. mikel

    Made in USA V-Neck Undershirts. Where to find them?

    @TheUndertaker - thank you for your candidness. By the sounds of it, if it was some time ago, I think you may have purchased our Classic Fit undershirts. We discontinued that line and replaced it with a more premium fitted ribbed undershirt a long while back. I think you may have experienced...
  10. mikel

    Madras Summer Shirt

    Perfect, thanks Marc. We'll keep up the listing!
  11. mikel

    Made in USA V-Neck Undershirts. Where to find them?

    @TheUndertaker - sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your RibbedTee purchase. May I ask what you purchased and where it fell short? (I'm the founder) Separately, if you're looking for a list of Made in USA v-neck undershirts, you can find a list here...
  12. mikel

    New Member Intro

    @The Great Garbanzo - welcome to our Community. Great story indeed, and congrats on the successful Thrift purchase(s)! My best thrift purchase was for a pair of dress shoes. Needed something for a Valentine's party a few years back. Found a pair at Salvation Army for around $10, and they turned...
  13. mikel

    Sea Island Cotton & WISICA Question

    I would be interested in hearing more about this as well. Found this information about WISICA: https://www.albinigroup.com/en/our-world/raw-materials/sea-island/ My suspicion is that it's similar to the variations in Egyptian cottons. Lot's of garments have been made in the past with the...
  14. mikel

    Madras Summer Shirt

    @mhj - checking in on the status of this listing. If it's no longer available, I can mark it as sold.
  15. mikel

    Formal Shawl Collar Dinner Jackets For Sale | 44-46R

    @Mr. B. Scott Robinson - Still available? Just want to make sure we don't have to mark it as sold.
  16. mikel

    Genuine Ace® Hard Rubber Combs 5", Fine Teeth, UPDATED

    @sbdivemaster - still available?
  17. mikel

    sold JPress Harris Tweed SC

    @nevr18 - I've marked the listing as sold.
  18. mikel

    sold Free NATO Style Straps - Watch Bands

    @Patrick06790 - I've gone ahead and marked this listing as sold.
  19. mikel

    sold LL Bean Red & White Seersucker Shirt | Large

    @GregorSamsa - ok, I just marked the listing as sold.