1. Woofa

    PSA Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan Wallet $105

    wasring time and stopped into an AE. Started discussing shell with the SA and she showed me an online deal. COLOR 8, Shell wallet from 350 to $150 and then 30% off with free delivery to my home. She set it up, can't beat this deal
  2. Woofa

    Thinking of buying a Safari shirt/jacket.

    So I have been feeling like the site has become a little monotonous lately. Here is a new topic for discussion That I hope will recharge our batteries. I get to shop quite a bit at No Man Walks Alone with funds from my thrift finds. With most of my sartorial needs well satisfied and living in...
  3. Woofa

    Love the look of this solid blue seersucker suit

    this gentleman often poses on tof under the name poszetka and I assume he is involved with the menstore poszetka as this photo is on the frontpage. I don’t think I knew that seersucker could be this rich of a fabric in a solid dark color and I really like the look. Has anyone here owned...
  4. Woofa

    Do you know who makes these Trillion and Arny’s tie.

    Plenty of time on my hands and I was organizing my tie collection. Out of curiosity, might anyone know who makes these ties? (The two on the right are both Arny’s. not really important but knowing might help me find more.
  5. Woofa

    My thrifted 50 year old Vicuña coat

    I don’t like to start new threads but I felt this was a special enough item and that there were enough of you who will appreciate this. The detailing is very nice and the condition is amazing. while the coat was obviously beautiful, I had to look in the pockets to find the details. (Could...
  6. Woofa

    Two Umbrella’s and a Cane

    So I picked up this lot on an online estate sale. I knew one was a Brigg and one was an older Burberry and figured these would be nice for me and my wife. Hoping to find some info on them and how to care for them. First one is a Swaine Adeney Brigg that I plan to keep. Second looks like an...
  7. Woofa

    Help with buttonless Sulka coat

    So I thrifted this beautiful Sulka reversible coat. Half wool and half angora rabbit hair. Reversible. The thing is it has no buttons. But it has button holes in both sides as if the buttons were a separate item similar to cuff links I have seen. I have attached pictures below. Anyone know...
  8. Woofa

    Checkout the Shoe Revival Challenge on TOF

    I apologize if pasting this link to TOF is a no-no but with so many shoe enthusiasts here I think you will enjoy some of these transformations. Amazing what a little know-how combined with some polish and a lot of elbow grease can do...
  9. Woofa

    Ellis of Edinburgh

    Thrifted this beautiful sportcoat made by Ellis and found very little information online. Seems to have been a master tailor from Scotland who moved to Oklahoma and ran a business making bespoke garments for men who travelled cross country to get his products. This is a beautiful jacket in...
  10. Woofa

    Clothing in Murder on the Orient Express

    Caught the movie this past weekend in PPV and thought there might be some discussion here about the clothing. Beautifully made movie with great sets and scenery. Train looked amazing and I know many of us would love a ride in that bygone era. In particular interested in your thoughts on some...
  11. Woofa

    Name that TWEED!

    So I recently thrifted this beautiful tweed suit. Could not be happier to have found it. While not a big deal as I plan on keeping it, I would love to find out who makes it. I can find no tags anywhere and trust me I have looked. Pants are fully lined and I did my best to look there as...
  12. Woofa

    Nordstrom to open stores with no merchandise.

    http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/13/investing/nordstrom-deal-new-store/index.html Thoughts? Is this the future of retail B&M?
  13. Woofa

    September Acquisitions

    Okay, I will start it off. Very reasonably priced consignment on this Brunello Cucinelli cashmere and leather sweater/jacket for Bergdorf Goodman's.
  14. Woofa

    Roger Moore dies at 89

    Sad news. While I will always consider Connery to be Bond, my childhood was the Moore movies. Love to hear your thought especially regarding his clothing.
  15. Woofa

    Kudu (Antelope) or Kudu (Horween)

    Roger has posted a pair of beautiful G&G boots in Kudu for sale. Being unfamiliar with this type of leather I have been doing some research and I am probably more confused now than I was before I started. From what I can tell, Kudu can be used to describe either the leather from an African...
  16. Woofa


    AE Flash sale through 1/17. Majority of shell cordovan on sale at $399 Enjoy Edit: please note these are factory seconds, thank you serdan
  17. Woofa

    womens-fashion Does anyone have experience with Carmina shoes for women?

    So finding comfortable, quality dress shoes for my wife has been an ongoing project. I was perusing the Carmina website last night and noticed that they also sell women’s shoes. My wife agreed that she liked some of the offerings and I have been trying to get her into a smaller heal or even...
  18. Woofa

    Allen Edmonds bought by Caleres

    http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/news/2016/12/13/caleres-buys-allen-edmonds-for-255-million.html Thoughts?
  19. Woofa

    Laces for single eyelet shoes

    So this weekend I was fortunate enough to thrift a pair of vintage, Florsheim Imperial alligator/crocodile shoes in my size. The odd thing is that they have a single eyelet and the laces inserted were obviously too long. I have emailed Florsheim but cannot find anything online about where to...
  20. Woofa

    PSA: Used O'Connells Shetland Sweaters