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    No jacket. What to do with a vest & trousers?

    To the gentleman who inquired about what to do with a vest and trouser combination that lacked a jacket: I meant to approve your perfectly apt question but somehow inadvertently deleted it. I am terribly sorry! So, in general answer to your query, a separate jacket over a matching vest and...
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    The Satisfying Meal Thread

    It's surprising how good a meal you can make on sheet pans in the oven. A butterflied game hen, two ears of corn (husks on) and a dozen spears of asparagus can all go into the oven a 350-400ºF with your seasonings of choice (I have become addicted to wild fennel pollen) for about 30 minutes. A...
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    Anyone else baking?

    I think I'll bake up a loaf of whole wheat sandwich tomorrow.
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    Face mask help

    Clackamas county is cautiously opening up and bit by bit we can go places. However, the insistence on masks is still in place and therein lies the rub. For those of us with hearing aids, the wrap around the ears masks are a pain in the lower back. Is there a good mask around that ties behind...
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    Photos for no good reason

    This thread is for photos you just can't resist sharing.
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    On the education of SWMBO's

    For those (let no names be mentioned) whose best-beloveds are concerned about one's trouser size, I strongly recommend sitting down in front of the television and watching this. It's all about staying alive . . .
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    More from Ralph

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    The Shared Recipe Thread

    Marcella Hazan's Butter/Onion Tomato Sauce is one of the great ones and elegant in its simplicity. This charming video says it all. I'm posting it now to give you a reason to plant some tomatoes, just in case you really need an excuse. Peaky will probably have to wait another few months. Do...
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    How Shall We Dress for Summer?

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    Could there be such a thing?

    During my years in the Army, formal-ish occasions caused me to break out my senior enlisted mess dress uniform. This is an example, though mine had a lot more gold braid because of my rank Now I kind of like the short coat and would rather wear something like that instead of my tuxedo...
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    Bolo Ties? Western Wear?

    This article in the WSJ . . . https://www.wsj.com/articles/bolo-tie-how-western-neckwear-waged-a-comeback-11583164248?mod=hp_listc_pos3
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    the Sports Coat and Turtleneck Thread

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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    Would you believe this car was designed in 1970? A Lancia HF Zero one-of-a-kind concept car currently in the Peterson Museum in L.A.
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    More chunky cardigans

    This looks like the one I got from Cording's (on sale, of course)
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    Gun Bunnies

    This thread is for ladies (and I want to emphasize that) who shoot. Pin-ups, etc. will be erased and louche comments will earn discipline. Any questions can be addressed to me, Mikel or Andy. Old Barbour ads, reprints from Orvis, H&H and Purdey are perfectly acceptable.
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    On the smugness of 'style' centered world view

    https://dieworkwear.com/post/190282376824/respectability-and-clothing I think he pretty much nails it. Virtue is what you do, not what you wear.
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    How about a Taco Tuesday Thread?

    Even if it's Wednesday . . .
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    New Year's is Overrated

    How many of the membership are spending tonight ready to ring in the new year Sidney, Australia time and then heading for bed?