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    The Old School Gentlemen Thread

    Thomas Edison the muted plaid in his suit!
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    The Breakfast Thread

    I made a vat of bean and vegetable soup and had it with a hard roll. I make a mean soup! The only thing is it's a different one every time. For those who have never tried them, I really recommend yellow-eyed beans from Rancho Gordo. And excellent nutty flavor.
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    The Illustrated Java Thread

    And what a great place to do it!
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    Art Deco!

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    The Vintage Motor Thread

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    The Libation Contemplation Thread

    I am not a bourbon connoisseur so I doubt that my impression is knowledgeable enough that someone should pay much attention to it. That being said, the Bulleit bourbon I tasted didn't excite me. I found a bit raw and in need of just a touch more sweetness. But then, my favorite is Woodford...
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    I Think We Need A Dedicated Pizza Thread

    In Grandpa!
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    Everything Dessert Related

    Good eye! Those are churros.
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    Gun Bunnies

    Yeah, someone would think it said 'Gun, Dahling' and make references to Boris and Natasha.
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    Gun Bunnies

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    The Old School Gentlemen Thread

    Strauss and Brahms
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    The Shooting Thread

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    The Vintage Motor Thread

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    Everything Dessert Related

    My guess as well