1. drlivingston

    Prince Harry Fail

    While typically dapper, Harry had a minor fail this past weekend. While donning the proper kit, his footwear was shot. However, I believe that he inherited this trait from his father, who is famous for patching holes in his garments.
  2. drlivingston

    Trophy Points???

    @mikel I thought that we agreed at the onset of the new forum design that we wouldn't do the whole trophy point thing. Who or what brought it back? It's a clothing forum, not a competition.
  3. drlivingston

    manners Proper Attire for Hamilton

    As the title suggests, I am looking for recommendations in regards to proper attire for an off-Broadway performance of Hamilton. We are actually catching it twice. We are going for a Saturday evening performance as well as a Sunday matinee. It's the Saturday evening performance that has me...
  4. drlivingston

    LeBron Bearing Gifts

    So, LeBron is known to give his teammates random gifts, i.e. Beats headphones, Apple watches, Samsung phones, etc. etc. Well, to try to bring about a sense of team unity for Friday's playoff game, James had the team custom fitted for matching Thom Browne suits. He provided matching suit...
  5. drlivingston

    JAB Shoe Trees 2 for $20 Free Shipping

    Gone are the Buy 1 Get 2 free days. This is as good as it gets. Plus, for those who like them, they now carry the split-toe trees as well. If the price on the trees isn't good enough, when you factor in free shipping with no minimum purchase, that makes it a no-brainer. Gentlemen, shoes are not...
  6. drlivingston

    Another Preppy RL Olympic Uniform

    Have you seen the opening ceremony uniforms to be worn in Rio? Ralph, in his trademark style, made sure that people know who designed them. While I like the gender neutrality of the uniforms, I feel that the blazer is entirely inappropriate for the Brazilian climate. Plus, the t-shirt and the...
  7. drlivingston

    Jack Erwin Shoes

    This may have been posted before. However, since they only started in 2013, it couldn't have been that long ago. Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this brand? The prices seem quite reasonable for retail. https://www.jackerwin.com/collections/all
  8. drlivingston

    New System Help

    Admittedly, I am a luddite. Since the new format changeover, I have not been able to post any pictures or even add an emoticon to a message. I can post text-only messages without a problem. What setting is goofed up on my computer? I am running IE 11 on Windows 7 Home Premium. Any and all help...
  9. drlivingston

    All these eBay listings

    I tried blocking all of these new eBay listings that are popping up on my AAAC feed. They keep coming!! Is there a definite way to block them?
  10. drlivingston

    sales Ties for Sale 11/06 Part 2

    Same rules apply. First come, first served. $7ea shipped with a 2-tie minimum order. Now, off we go! Group 22) XMI Platinum 82) 59 x 3-5/8 83) 60 x 3-3/4 84) 61-1/2 x 3-5/8 85) 59-1/2 x 3-1/4 Group 23) XMI Platinum 86) 59 x 3-5/8 87) 60-1/2 x 3-1/2 88) 58-1/4 x 3-7/8 89) 58 x 3-1/2 Group...
  11. drlivingston

    sales Ties For Sale 11/06 Part 1

    Well, here we go again... The rules are simple. First person to pick a tie gets it. I ONLY accept PayPal. Please do not flood my inbox with tedious questions about individual ties. They are all $7 each with a minimum order of 2 ties. All prices include shipping to everywhere in the 50 states...
  12. drlivingston


    I can explain it but it would be better to just read it for yourself. I picked up a bunch of them if people need some. Post photos!! https://echo2.bluehornet.com/hostedemail/email.htm?CID=12756467899&ch=26868974AEA7A567FBE4846C7A2436F5&h=b6a41fba12a0c4dc32fb3e15936e9e98&ei=iKNQAO8NW
  13. drlivingston

    RIP--Oscar de la Renta

    Another one of the greats passes away... https://gma.yahoo.com/fashion-icon-oscar-la-renta-dies-82-012850134--abc-news-topstories.html
  14. drlivingston

    My eBay died...

    Did anyone else have eBay issues at around noon today. It will not let me log on and tells me that I no longer have an account. I pay them roughly $450 per month and that's the best that they can do? What's going on?:mad2:
  15. drlivingston

    sales Ties For Sale!!!!

    Well, I went through one of my racks and came out with these. All of them are 100% silk unless otherwise noted. All of them are made in the USA unless otherwise noted. None of these ties (save one cotton madras from India) was made in Asia. Each tie is only $7 (domestic shipping included). PM...
  16. drlivingston

    Punk Meets Trad...

    Just when I think that the Birmingham thrift stores have thrown everything possible at me, I come across something that makes me question every bit of sartorial sanity that I possess. Behold, the Dr. Martens spectator. How on earth would you wear this KISS meets Gatsby abomination? My...
  17. drlivingston

    JAB Shoe Trees!!

    If you go through as many shoe trees as I do, you can appreciate JAB trees at buy one get two free. At $25 retail, that comes to $8.33 per pair. The next sale is on June 9-10. I already have mine on hold. :)
  18. drlivingston

    Status of Panjo?

    I can't post this on the sales forum because Panjo monopolizes all traffic there. So, Andy, what is the verdict? Are we going to re-institute the sales forum or are we doomed to dealing with Panjo?
  19. drlivingston

    Are these Aldens normal?

    I recently picked up two pairs of vintage Alden wingtips. Upon close inspection, they are built uneven. By that I mean the interior side of the heel cup (quarter) is built higher than the outside. I might be showing my ignorance here, but I have never seen that before. Is it normal or special...
  20. drlivingston

    How about a non-trad exchange thread?

    Guys, I am no fan of the Panjo marketplace format. There I said it (Andy please do not strike me down). I propose, just like our WAWT threads, there be separate exchanges. Keep the one in the trad section and add one for the fashion forum. If one is already in place, it should be resurrected and...