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    Art of Sport Deodorant. Anyone tried it yet?

    Does anybody have any thoughts or experience with a new brand called Art of Sport? It was developed in partnership with Kobe Bryant and James Harden recommends it. Supposedly it’s all natural, including the plant-based derivative of propylene glycol. It’s a little bit higher priced than some...
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    House salads

    Woofa,. I have been there, but the one at St. Armaunds Circle in Sarasota. It is a fantastic salad. They sell the salad dressing there. I will have to take your recipe and try this at home. Thank you for posting that. This salad is probably the only time I have remembered a salad to the...
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    sold Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots (9D)

    They are still for sale
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    sold Allbird Mizzles $75

    Please delete. Keeping them now
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    Ok, for those that don't dislike jeans. Black jeans, thumbs up or thumbs down

    Wrangler. Levi’s. Carhartt or what for boots? I am 5‘9“ 195 pounds and would consider myself an average build with the normal 60-year-old belly, probably a 38 inch waist. I’ve heard there is the wrangler cowboy cut or the George Strait Jean, or Levi 505‘s or 501s. Some people say straight leg...
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    Ok, for those that don't dislike jeans. Black jeans, thumbs up or thumbs down

    So, if you don't hate jeans, your thoughts on black jeans? And if you are not against them,. any limitations, such as, only on younger, skinnier men? Or appropriate say at night for an older gentleman with perhaps a sportscoat, or even weekends?
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    Official Boot Thread: Photos, questions & more!

    Resurrected this thread. I have four pairs of boots in the last year or so. One, my fave, are Double H and are rubber-soled and I think they are work boots Lucchesse Ostrich ropers Frye side zip harness boots Allen Edmonds Normandy but do not like the laceup feature nor how they look So I...
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    Quality underwear

    I also have had T-shirt shrink but lately Haynes has been making a T-shirt with a Cotton/poly blend. It is a lighter weight T-shirt then a 100% cotton and since it has polyester in there, my experience is that it doesn’t shrink nearly as bad. You can pick them up at Walmart or target and they’re...
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    Why Are Most Boxers So Uncomfortable!!

    I prefer long leg boxer briefs. I’ve tried the trunks but they can ride up like boxers to. I’ve tried Boxer briefs that have no fly and those that have a fly and that does not matter to me; however the boxer briefs without a fly seem to have more of a compression Tight fit as though you were...
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    MAGNANNI Chelsea boots (size 9) - $100

    That size is going to be too small for me. I’m looking for a boot and these may have been a little bit too dressy but for the price you were selling a mat it might’ve been worthwhile to take a chance.
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    MAGNANNI Chelsea boots (size 9) - $100

    These still for sale?
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    sold Allbird Mizzles $75

    These are Mizzles, the water-repellant Allbirds. Running $115.00 on their website. Got them at Christmas and never really wore them. These are my shoes, not a website link. My price to you is $75 shipped. Paypal Friends option, or add 4% I am usually a 9D in shoes and Allbirds told me to...
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    sold Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots (9D)

    Not having had boots, I have bought Luchesse and Double H boots and thought I might like something more along the lines of Red Wing Iron Rangers. Bought some Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots, brown cap-toe, with the rubber bottoms (not leather) and have worn them a handful of times. Not really...
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    sold Persol Men's Sunglasses. Havana frame with blue lens

    $160 shipped CONUS P 3108s More pics if you PM me. They were to large to load
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    sold 11 Ties, 3 pocket squares, including Talbott, Tie Bar, Jos Bank

    $45.00 shipped CONUS in a padded envelope mailer. tried to post photos of the ties. Message me and I can email you photos of the ties
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    H Stockton - Lenox Mall

    Was In the ATL to visit family and wife wanted to stop into Neiman Marcus. Next door to it is H Stockton. A smaller store, they have one in Buckhead I think near JTC Kitchen that is much larger. Anyway, their winter sale made me curious. Well, 3 ties for $99 was a no brainer and so was a...