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    RIP Brooks Brothers

    I can't see how this helps BB in any way at all: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/12/business/brooks-brothers-sale-authentic-brands.html The core competencies or values in operating malls is in no way similar to the BB we all know or hope to resurrect.
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    Hair Styles in the Covid-19 era

    Approaching 2 months since last haircut and the situation is getting desperate. My hair has some natural curl and I still have a full head of hair. (Thank goodness -- I was not blessed with height, so I have to have good hair. -- for reasons well documented in social science research.) What are...
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    Real RL BL?

    This ebay sale has me wondering... real BL or fake? The close up of the label seems less a bit 8-bit. And the price seems to good to be true. Which is always a red flag. And then there is the issue of the photos... Weird wrinkling. What do folks think...
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    AE Recraft... not so great

    I sent a pair of bourbon Park Avenues back for recrafting. The good: Took only a couple of days from delivery to AE to shipment back. Soles look fine. The bad: The last time I wore these, I got caught in the rain. The ugly: See photos: It doesn't really look like the uppers were refinished...
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    So you're auctioning... what?

    From the description of an eBay Alden LHS Shell auction: ..."Sold without original box, shoes not included."...
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    Brace Yourselves or Suspension of Disbelief

    Found this on a group for a certain type of Quaker: <snip> One elderly Friend used to cycle sedately to meeting each Sunday along country roads lined with hawthorn and cow parsley to arrive refereshed and exercised and mindful of worship. One morning as he was cycling along, a sports car driven...
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    Rudy Project 50% off

    For those among us who need sunglasses for sports, Rudy Project is doing a 50% off sale for about 24 more hours. They do have a few more traditional styles. But mostly the kind of specs you see in cycling, beach volleyball, marathon running, or maybe golf.
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    trees for shearling boots?

    I'm considering buying a pair of AE shearling boots on clearance. AE doesn't seem to offer boot-specific trees. Should I be looking for different trees for boots than for shoes? And does the fact that they are shearling make a difference?
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    BBBF back?

    Looking through the current BB sale, there are a number of Black Fleece items that show as shipping 11/7. At 70% off. Items I've never seen before. Not that I'm complaining about the price, but are they re-activating the line? If they are, and if the quality is the same as in the past, $58 for a...
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    Orvis tweed fit

    A new Orvis catalog arrived a few days ago. I quite like the look of the tweed sport coats. Some reviews suggest that the shoulders might be a bit over-generous in size. Does anyone have any experience with these? Im a 38R with shoulders that are probably a bit narrower than average. And about a...
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    suit fit check

    Does this need some waist suppression? (My wife tells me on a daily basis that MY waist needs suppression.)