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    Art of Sport Deodorant. Anyone tried it yet?

    Does anybody have any thoughts or experience with a new brand called Art of Sport? It was developed in partnership with Kobe Bryant and James Harden recommends it. Supposedly it’s all natural, including the plant-based derivative of propylene glycol. It’s a little bit higher priced than some...
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    Ok, for those that don't dislike jeans. Black jeans, thumbs up or thumbs down

    So, if you don't hate jeans, your thoughts on black jeans? And if you are not against them,. any limitations, such as, only on younger, skinnier men? Or appropriate say at night for an older gentleman with perhaps a sportscoat, or even weekends?
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    sold Allbird Mizzles $75

    These are Mizzles, the water-repellant Allbirds. Running $115.00 on their website. Got them at Christmas and never really wore them. These are my shoes, not a website link. My price to you is $75 shipped. Paypal Friends option, or add 4% I am usually a 9D in shoes and Allbirds told me to...
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    sold Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots (9D)

    Not having had boots, I have bought Luchesse and Double H boots and thought I might like something more along the lines of Red Wing Iron Rangers. Bought some Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots, brown cap-toe, with the rubber bottoms (not leather) and have worn them a handful of times. Not really...
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    sold Persol Men's Sunglasses. Havana frame with blue lens

    $160 shipped CONUS P 3108s More pics if you PM me. They were to large to load
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    sold 11 Ties, 3 pocket squares, including Talbott, Tie Bar, Jos Bank

    $45.00 shipped CONUS in a padded envelope mailer. tried to post photos of the ties. Message me and I can email you photos of the ties
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    H Stockton - Lenox Mall

    Was In the ATL to visit family and wife wanted to stop into Neiman Marcus. Next door to it is H Stockton. A smaller store, they have one in Buckhead I think near JTC Kitchen that is much larger. Anyway, their winter sale made me curious. Well, 3 ties for $99 was a no brainer and so was a...
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    Bath Soap

    Been using Mitchells Wool Fat to wash my face. The bar takes forever to use up. In like a year, not even half way finished. It was so creamy at first, a ecru color, but it is more white now and the lather is a bit thinner. Still good, just not as much lanolin goodness. Using a new Kirks in the...
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    Allbirds Mizzles. Worth considering

    Got a pair, their Mizzles as they call it. The original ALLbirds were said to be a little bit unstructured. Look like a tennis shoe, but these are 100% wool. And no swoosh. The Mizzles have a little bit of a liner and waterproofing. My son in law got a pair and I liked the look. Like a...
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    Gym headphones

    Can you use wireless earbuds or headphones at a gym that has machines that use a jack to hear the Tv or cycling program? Do i need some sort of transmitter ? Any recommendations on which earbud or headphones work well on eliptical machines and treadmills? May or may not use my IPhone XR for...
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    sold Sunglasses - Rayban Clubmaster

    Two pair. Clubmasters I hardly wore, preferred the feel of all plastic. Case is a little worn, as I always carried the case with me when going out and so closing and shutting. Lenses are polarized and I tried to show that they have no noticeable scratches and are not bent out of shape. Also...
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    Folding chairs for outdoor concerts, beach

    Well, one of those cheaper mesh chairs, the arm rest wont stay up. Rubber grommet gone. Going to be attending outdoor concerts and need new portable, folding chairs. Academy Sports had a good collection, so did REI. Some without armrests would be tiring. Saw a zero gravity lounger, could...
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    Time for suggestions. My Black & Decker corded electric weed eater crapped out last night. I have about a 3/4 of an acre yard and I used a corded weed eater to trim around the sidewalk and the flower beds and the curb. Gas powered, the downside is the engine repairs are more expensive and then...
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    Bluetooth Speaker for a beach trip

    Have a little speaker already, waterproof, a 67 rating on it, and it was not loud at all. In fact, propped it up against a beach shoe and you move more than 10 feet away and can barely hear it. It was a promo I got two years ago at Best Buy for $25 with a $25.00 gift certificate that they...
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    Black boots - necessary, dispensable or something in between

    Well, since I got a pair of Double H boots, I have found that those are my most comfortable shoes. Something about having the heel a little higher than the arch and walking more on the balls of my feet. So got some brown Allen Edmonds lace up boots (kinda like Red Wing with the stiching across...
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    Marseille/Aleppo/Castille soaps, Yardley, Mitchells Wool Fat

    Been using a body wash, but think it has been drying me out. Got a bar of Mitchell's Wool Fat to use, thinking it is close to all natural and the lanolin would be moisturizing. Saw a Pre de Provence soap, and it also has that big block of Olive Oil Soap. I think an Aleppo soap is the same...
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    Thin grey hair, balding on top, what do you men use?

    Thinking that since I have very little hair on top, using a shampoo bar like Leggitts or even Mitchell Wool Fat Bath soap would be good. Maybe stripping the oils from my scalp may not be a great idea, so the Mitchells Wool Fat bar soap or using one of those 72% olive oil soaps would be good?
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    Dopp Kit/Travel toiletry bag

    Eagle Creek bag has made its match. Nylon inside is kinda tearing up. Needing something but can't decide between a dopp kit or a toiletry bag, like at LL Bean or Land's End. Eagle Creek one had pockets and things and I dont know if that helped or not, maybe wasted space rather than just tumble...
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    Great smelling shampoo

    Ok, I have thin hair and not much. Use a one or two guard for clippers. Very thin on top. So for a couple of years, I have been using bar soap when I shower for shampoo. Found an old bottle of Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and it was invirgorating. Not much of an effect on my hair. So, I was...