1. vonSuess

    Joseph Abboud suits?

    I have a couple of them and like them just fine. Pretty good suits for the money. My wife says one of them is the suit I look best in and it's certainly not my most expensive suit by a long shot...
  2. vonSuess

    Lapel pins, and the weird reason I like them

    Sometimes I wear an Indiana state flag pin just because I like being here...
  3. vonSuess

    I want to go to university lectures in a suit.

    Well, I think you should wear suits because I think everyone should wear suits. I always wear suits because I don't have anything to wear but suits. I always say wherever you are, someone will be the best dressed and it might as well be you. To do that, you'll probably need a suit. I say that...
  4. vonSuess

    Attire for job interview

    I recommend the same for an interview as for everything else. Someone is going to be the best-dressed person in the room. There's no reason it shouldn't be you. Wear the best suit and other items that you have or can afford...
  5. vonSuess

    Will COVID-19 Kill the Tie?

    Keep wearing that tie. In every situation, someone will be the best dressed. There is no reason it shouldn't be you...
  6. vonSuess

    Online MTM tweed suit

    Well, that's probably the best advice. My sister-in-law married an American fellow who is a veep at one of those big tv networks. A while back she was telling us how he'd found a place online to get custom made suits for about the same price he'd been paying for OTR at Brooks. I rather suspect...
  7. vonSuess

    Online MTM tweed suit

    You might look at the Torre tweed suits at Dobell. I think they're reasonably inexpensive to begin with and 50% sales are frequent. I think they look reasonably good for the money. They also have some Harris Tweed suits priced a little less. Stock is probably low this time of the year. I'd stay...
  8. vonSuess

    Shoe storage

    I've purchased quite a few retail store fixtures and used them to outfit a room in my house where I keep most of my clothing. There seems to be a store fixture or merchandiser for everything, including shoes. I've used a place online called store supply warehouse for a few things, although I...
  9. vonSuess

    Love the look of this solid blue seersucker suit

    Looks like a good deal to me, as well. Probably will order if I figure out the shipping...
  10. vonSuess

    Love the look of this solid blue seersucker suit

    Looks to me like the site says it's on sale for 328 EUR, plus shipping no doubt.
  11. vonSuess

    Love the look of this solid blue seersucker suit

    Looks good and is certainly inexpensive enough. I like that it is made to wear with suspenders and lacks belt loops. If it says where it's made, I didn't see it but I'm guessing Poland. I've never had a Polish suit that wasn't good quality...
  12. vonSuess

    The "fun" shirt

    Thank you for the picture. I guess I've never even seen one of those before... Hans
  13. vonSuess

    The "fun" shirt

    Indeed, sounds like too much fun for me, too...
  14. vonSuess

    The "fun" shirt

    Is there a picture here someplace or does everyone but me just know what a fun shirt is?
  15. vonSuess

    Is it trad to wear a black face mask?

    Yes, if you're the Lone Ranger...
  16. vonSuess

    Ebay Pre-Owned Shoes Keywords

    I guess if it doesn't bother you, that's what really counts. Good luck with this. I still wouldn't do it but I suppose there's some good feeling in getting things that look and feel new, but are a fraction of the cost...
  17. vonSuess

    Ebay Pre-Owned Shoes Keywords

    Can you really save enough money to make it worth buying used footwear?
  18. vonSuess

    Frank Shattuck's unabashedly bold cut

    So this roping is something we like here?
  19. vonSuess

    Are men's dressing gowns in vogue today ?

    Worn in public or not, I suppose we'd know they are in vogue because we'd be seeing them on TV and movie characters, in GQ and pop-up ads...