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    Add pearllea.com to godior and kissingsilk scam sites?

    Some suspicious signs. Looks like one of the scam sites offering great prices and terms and either inferior clothes or nothing arrives after you pay. There have been several of them recently. They pop up, sometimes with images from other sites,. If you search pearllea reviews you will see there...
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    Biggest balls begin

    Puca shells with sharks teeth? No. Medallions on short chains. No. Exposed clavicle medial ends not on a woman? No. Yet, those are the future unless action is taken. It will take long to turn the tide. There will be scorn and ridicule and public humiliation. But, in the end, we have no other...
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    Tie fabric acceptable with every jacket fabric, except fabrics such as really thin linen?

    Worsted jackets, tweed jackets, silk jackets. Seems to me shiny silk ties will not go well with tweed or at least not as well as something with more texture would go with worsted and tweed and silk.
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    Christmas gift suggestions

    A bachelor buddy, age about 58, lives in northern Miinnesota. In the past several years he has taken an interest in clothes and wears jacket and tie to work in a capacity in which he deals with the public. I think he has enough, if one can ever have enough, pants, shirts, jackets and hats. The...
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    Yoke depth, shoulder width and MTM shirts

    At least one MTM shirt maker allows customers to order by submitting the measurements of an existing well fitting shirt. I've read of shirt makers requesting the length of sleeve measured from the top shoulder seam and the width between the sleeve seams measured at the yoke bottom. I've just...
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    An inconvenient collar

    It's a sweater so it needs something under it, but the collar seems to prevent wearing anything that would show above the collar. Do you think it was intended to be worn alone? Odd collared sweater.
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    Spotted shirts?

    These three spotted shirts may be worn with what? spotted shirts I think they have to worn with something. On the other hand plaid shirts may be worn alone. So, maybe these can too. But they seem a little refined for jeans and the material is too thin for cords. Otherwise, what? A solid jacket...
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    Anyone Shop at Godior.com or Kissingsilk.com?

    It looks too good to be true, but it doesn't say what the things are made of and it has what appear to be suit jackets without the matching pants. But their other things such as long coats, sport coats, sweaters are at very low prices. Update: Trustpilot doesn't have them. Facebook page looks...
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    Burberry sale at Nordstrom Rack

    Some here like tyeir overcoats and some of those are on sale. Link to NordstromRack.com
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    Images of well dressed men without jackets

    I'm curious to see examples of what members consider well dressed without jackets. I have in mind situations of walking around or working without a uniform and not situations involving excercise. Rule 1 (yes, I know, but I'll try anyway 😃): each post must include or link to an image of an...
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    womens-fashion Some basic principles for women dressing?

    Over the years I've learned some principles for men's cloths: Colors for complexion and contrast. Suit, lapel and tie proportions for build. Shirt collar cut for head. The plain and fancy rules for suits, shirts, ties. Matching textures. Are there similar principles for women? I'm guessing...
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    Who sells the palest green, yellow, and pink solid shirts you have ever seen?

    Yes, looking for some very pale shirts in these colors. I mean really pale. Like a hint of the color.
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    Donegal with tattersall shirt, solid square, and patterned tie - too much?

    Stumbling and approximating toward a hoped for understanding of the tweed look, today in a thrift shop this shirt, tie, and square seemed that they might work with this earlier thrifting acquired Donegal tweed. I thought the shirt's squares and lines were different patterns than the speckled...
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    How long does it take you to make a decision upon seeing a photo of an ensemble?

    Browsing the internet, you see a picture of an ensemble. Question 1: When you see the picture, how many seconds does it take you to form a first impression of Certainly no, Probably no, So-so, Probably yes, Certainly yes? < 1 1 to 5 5 to 10 > 10 Question 2: If you form your initial...
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    These trousers shouldn't be worn with a jacket, right?

    They are actually a dark steel blue in person. But my concern is the pattern. I'm thinking a jacket would have to be a solid. But I'm also thinking that no jacket should be worn with patterned pants. Am I correct? If not, please post an example that looks nice.
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    Ties with shirts with patterns other than stripes or small squares

    Last week my sister-in-law and I were discussing this current fashion. I argued this new fashion is unsightly. Turns out I was only half right. Here is Don Cornelius wearing it in the 70's: Although not my cup of tea, his combination with the large figures, perhaps paisley, looks nicer...
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    Embracing Donegal

    In another thread members suggested pairing a light blue pinpoint shirt with some darker brown sport coats. The idea hadn't occurred to me. So, I took a closer look at a Donegal I'd bought at a thrift store last year because I had not recalled seeing Donegal tweed before that day. The jacket...
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    Brushed cotton tattersall

    These are $25 - $45 Canadian Brushed cotton tattersall. https://us.seriouscountrysports.com/hoggs-of-fife-chieftain-premier-tattersall-shirt.html
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    Opinions on these jacket and tie pairings for winter

    My closet has these jackets and these ties which I plan to pair as shown. I'll ignore the blade / lapel width differences till I find better width replacement ties. Would you rule out any of the pairings? Would you wear any of the ties with any of the other jackets? I'll probably wear all of...
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    These ties with these suits?

    Son returning to college for a term involving job interviews. Any objections to these ties shown paired with these suits? Except that paisley multicolored one that he bought because it is in his faculty's colors. I know the purple geometric shouldn't be worn with the darker blue/charcoal suit...