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    Everyone has his limits

    I have reached mine with Brooks Brothers. I have been a customer since the mid 1970's. Sure, I have bemoaned the loss of what once was. But there were enough things to keep my interest: Golden Fleece sized socks made in England (the only unchanged item from the early days now), Alden shell...
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    Chrysalis Field Coat: Chatsworth and Chiltern

    What's the difference between these two models? I see that O'Connell's sells both, but I would rather not take up their time since I am looking to buy from England (and save hundreds).
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    Calling Long-Time Brooks Customers

    Steve Smith's thread about shoes at Brooks made me wonder about something. What items still sold there are the same as before the Mark's and Spencer takeover in 1988? I can only think of a very few: Alden shell shoes (in particular the unlined penny loafer and tassel loafer) and Golden Fleece...
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    A thought

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    Flashing videos here on the forum.

    Does anyone else seeing these advertising videos appear and then disappear, when clicking into a thread? Seems a new phenomenon.
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    Making boxers out of shirts

    Does a dress shirt provide enough fabric to make a pair of boxers? I want to put some too-big shirts to good use.