1. cosmotoast

    Home Tweed Jacket Repair

    Just wanted to share with everyone what I tried and how it worked. My brother had a large cardboard box cram packed with smelly wadded up Tweed jackets. He was going to toss them due to the condition they were in. Upon inspection there were multiple Harris Tweed jackets made in England ...
  2. cosmotoast

    Meltonian shoe cream on a belt

    I have a pair of Bostonians and a belt that are similar in color to Meltonian Camel 89. I'm thinking of treating both with the camel color shoe creme for a perfect match. Has anyone used shoe creme on a belt? Will it get on my dress shirts? Is this a stupid idea that should be abandoned ?
  3. cosmotoast

    El Cheapo Coffee

    We cant drink expensive every moring now can we.{most of us} Do any of you have a favorite cheap coffee? I have found that J.F.G supreme blend is excellent!(Red bag, not the traditional Blue bag.) Cosmo
  4. cosmotoast


    I am aware that it is against the rules to mention another site or forum on AAAC so no names will be given. On another site under "rules" they state that one should not wear a tie with a tweed sportcoat for the tweed is too informal a piece to be paired with a tie.I think this is utter bull...
  5. cosmotoast

    Is smoking a right?

    At our facility,cigerette butts and smoke breaks got so out of hand that we as managment decided to go "smoke free facility" We have one employee that has kept on smoking. he has been repremanded twice. He is now leaving company property at lunch and both breaks. He states that he has a right to...
  6. cosmotoast

    Dark shirt affinity

    I have several dark colored shirts and I wear them with suits,sportcoats and ties.I have noticed throughout many threads and posts negative comments on dark colored shirts.For those of you gentlemen who do not like them,could you please explain why? Cosmo:icon_scratch:
  7. cosmotoast

    Same color shirt/pants

    Hello all, Lately I have noticed myself wearing the same color shirt and pants, examples to ponder, 1.grey pants, a grey shirt, with a black sportcoat. 2.Tan pants, a tan shirt, with a brown sportcoat. 3.Navy pants, a navy shirt, with a grey sportcoat. All of the above with a contrasting...
  8. cosmotoast

    A basic question

    I try not to ask too many basic questions here without trying to research it on the net first but, I can not find a true explaination or example of darted or undarted.Educate me please. Cheers ,Cosmo:icon_study:
  9. cosmotoast

    The American Dream

    We all cant go to law school and be lawyers. We cant all go to medical school and be doctors. We cant all go to Tech collage and be engineers. For the rest of the world, One graduated high school and joined the work force.For the vast majority of americans there were plenty of good paying jobs...
  10. cosmotoast

    Tie mystery

    Hello all, I have over 60 ties from almost every name brand made. I have noticed that on the skinny end where it says made in italy,made in U.S.A etc, every one has either RN or WPL followed by some numbers.Does any of you know what this stands for? Cheers, Cosmo:drunken_smilie:
  11. cosmotoast

    Lookin Horrible

    I have always assumed that a dress shirt or sweater is to be worn with a sport coat or blazer.I have seen twice now people wearing a polo/izod type shirt with a sport coat. I thought it looked horrible. what is the consensus opinion? Cosmo:icon_scratch:
  12. cosmotoast

    Whats the difference?

    Could anyone of you please tell me what the difference is between Tic weave and houndstooth?Pictures maybe worth more than a thousand wordsand much appreciated.:icon_headagainstwal Cosmo
  13. cosmotoast

    Are moths a problem?

    Hello all, I have amassed a small fortune in wool suits and harris tweed jackets.I need to know if I need to worry about mothproofing my clothing room. If I do, what is the modern way of going about it and have any of you done this...
  14. cosmotoast

    collar education

    O.K. I give up.I have looked at hundreds of examples and am still lost. Can anyone please tell me how to tell the difference between a spread collar and a straight collar?:icon_headagainstwal
  15. cosmotoast

    Sport coat guide lines

    I am fairly new to fine clothes so,I will be asking several basic questions in my posts. Here goes,My father in law says one should never wear a sport coat the same color as one pants,not even if the texture is different.Maybe,only maybe if it is a different pattern.Suits are matching jacket and...