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    HSM advertising poorly fitted jacket?

    Seen this in HSM post on their FB page. I'd bet the sleeve is horribly short, maybe 3/4 inches short, and it can only emphasize lack of understanding? Or am I just picking? Here is the accompanying text: The trim sleeves and shorter jacket length of the Brooklyn Fit, our slimmest fit...
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    Another scam website

    Just another fake website, quite similar to recently discussed Allen Edmonds scam. Popped in my FB feed. I checked the domain via Whois, as it looked suspicious, and it is registered to an unknown Chinese company. I also reported the ad to FB. www.ralphlaureneushop.com Obviously nothing to do...
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    Cavallaro Napoli

    Does anyone have any experience with this brand? (website https://www.cavallaronapoli.com/ ) They seem to be Dutch company with Neapolitan origin of the founder. They also claim to be tailors for Arsenal Londo football club. Thea are present at Roermond outlet which I am going to be visiting...
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    Loro Piana Footwear

    Can you please advice where (or at which factory) are Loro Piano shoes and boots made? Is it their own manufacture or do they outsource somewhere? I've got into an argument and need more info :amazing:
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    Il Gergo

    Does anyone have experience with IL Gergo shoes? (https://www.ilgergo.com) . Are they well-made? How do they stand compared to their Marchese neighbours?